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Tewksbury U12 -5 Girls Take Down Dracut, 5-3

May 22, 2014 07:06PM ● By Bill Gilman

Tewksbury Youth Soccer.

GU14-4 Tewksbury 3 vs. Westford 2 (May 10th)

Down two goals early the Tewksbury GU14-4 came roaring back to notch the one goal victory. By halftime the girls were able to tie the game up behind goals from Caitilin Sheehan and Jane Kirby. Kirby was able to score her first of the season to equalize going into the half. This gave the team energy and came out and controlled the tempo for most of the second half. About five minutes into the 2nd Sarah Cunningham was able to net the game winner and the girls held Westford at bay for the rest of the game.

GU14-4 Tewksbury 4 vs. Wakefield 3 (May 17th)

In a back-and-forth affair the Tewksbury GU14-4 team was able to take the 2nd victory in a row to improve to above 0.500 for the first time. Tewksbury controlled the tempo for the whole first half outshooting the Wakefield team 10-2. Unfortunately Wakefield capitalized on their opportunities resulting in a 2-2 tie. Scoring for Tewksbury was Sophia Dematos on a long pass from the left defender Julia Strickler (with only one shoe on). Isabella scored the second goal on a marvelous direct kick that sailed over everybody into the top of the goal. 

In the 2nd half Caitilin blasted a great cross to the top of the 18 and Sophia Gouveia promptly (keeping it on the ground) put it into the net. However Wakefiled was not finished and with about 10 minutes left netted the equalizer. Then with time winding down it was Sheehan again that sent a great cross in front of the net that bounced of the Wakefield defender into the net for the game winner. Alexis Hillis was solid playing her first complete game in net turning away many of the Wakefield counter attacks.

GU10-3 Tewksbury 2 - Billerica 1
The GU10-3 girls were looking to extended their winning streak against Billerica in a warm, midweek game. Ava Paquette and Rebecca Langone anchored the defense and Erica Hinkle was ready at keeper to stop Billerica. Maci Chapman, Christina Wentworth, and Grace Beckman started the offense off.  Chapman was able to get good looks at her offense, putting passes right to teammates all game.  Wentworth was beating the defense with both good passes and controlled dribbling.  Beckman used her speed to continually dribble behind the defense.  Tewksbury had a few shots,but none went in.  Langone pestered the Billerica offense to break-up plays and put Tewksbury back on offense.  Hinkle and Paquette teamed up when Hinkle came out to stop a Billerica shot, but Billerica took another shot off the rebound.  Paquette, wisely protecting the net, deflected the shot to save a goal.  Paquette continued to block some strong Billerica shots.  Isabel DeSisto, Kiley Kennedy, and Ashley Talbot came in ready to go.  DeSisto quickly got to work, using her foot speed to tangle up the Billerica team.  Talbot used her strong foot to turn Billerica plays into Tewksbury advantages and her strong throw-ins helped the team.  Kennedy was relentless in chasing down the ball, making the defense weary.  Nicole Potito, Leah Casey and Gabriela Ortiz joined the game as Kennedy went into goal.  Potito added more spark on offense, constantly running after the ball.  Potito and Chapman had several shots on goal, and Ortiz continued to push the ball up to the offense.  Casey had a great game on defense, turning the ball to the outside and playing through the ball.  Billerica hung in there, sneaking a goal through to make the score 0-1.  Tewksbury answered when a Hinkle/Chapman combo shot rebounded and Wentworth used her left foot to put a one-touch shot in the far corner of the net.  More line changes came to give weary players relief.  A few minutes later, Ortiz delivered a strong kick through the Billerica defense to Potito.  Potito passed to DeSisto who used some fancy footwork and scored.  The half ended 2-1.  The girls came back and battled through a tough second half.  The team pulled together, each player showing their versatility on both offense and defense.  The team had many direct kick opportunities, but could not convert them to goals.  Kennedy and Hinkle combined in goal in the second half to keep Billerica scoreless.  Kennedy had a great save and recovery of the rebound.  Hinkle used her speed to come out of goal and make stop plays at the top of the goalie box.  The GU10-3 girls came away with another hard-earned win!

GU12-5 Tewksbury 5- Dracut 3

The Tewksbury U12 -5 girls travel teams were at home for their 6th game of the season.  The Tritons were matched up against Dracut after playing them less than a week ago.  The Tritons were lead onto the field by game captains Julia Kirby and Caitlyn Finnegan.  With the Tritons off to a slow start Dracut was able to work past the defense and place a shot on goal two minutes into the game.  Ava Nickerson who started as goalkeeper for the Tritons was able to control the ball and make the save for Tewksbury.  The Tritons struggled to control the ball and put pressure on Dracut in the first half.  Thirteen minutes into the first half the offensive and midfield lines of Caitlyn Finnegan, Tory Sweeney, Abby Hayes, Klara Holden and Kaitlyn Oates were able to connect on several midfield passes and to move the ball into the Dracut penalty area.  Abby Hayes was able to place a shot on net that was knocked down by an arm of the Dracut defender.  Dracut was called for handling the ball and a penalty kick was awarded to Tewksbury.  Abby Hayes was tapped to take the penalty kick and placed a hard low shot past the Dracut goalkeeper to take a 1-0 lead.  After the restart Dracut battled back and moved through the rotating defensive line of Mackenzie Dawson, Julia Kirby and Maddie Robillard who were playing slightly flat.  Dracut was able to control the majority if the first half and place several shots on net.  Nickerson was able to stop most of Dracut’s advances.  With ten minutes remaining in the first half and the continued pressure, Dracut was able to place a shot past Nickerson to tie the game 1-1.  With the first half ending both teams walked off the field tied 1-1.
With the restart of the second half Maddie Robillard took over the goalkeeper duties.  After getting caught off guard with the restart of the second half, Dracut was able to pressure Robillard and placed a hard shot on net which was turned away.  With sluggish play of the Tritons, Dracut was able to continue to pressure and score their second goal over the hands of Robillard.  Half way through the first half the Tritons were able to refocus on their zonal play and put more pressure on Dracut.  Jade Owirka was able to capitalize and score the Tritons second goal of the game.    With the renewed energy Ava Nickerson and Sydney DeMasi were able to place several shots on net.  Dracut continued to fight and place several shots on Robillard which were stopped.  With ten minutes remaining in the game Tory Sweeney was able to push past the Dracut midfield and defense line to cross the ball to the left wing where Sydney DeMasi was able to knock the ball past the Dracut goalkeeper to take a 3-2 lead.  Three minutes later DeMasi was able to return the favor to Sweeney on a crossing pass to the center of the field where Sweeney was able to net the Tritons fourth goal.  Now with minutes remaining to play Sydney DeMasi was able to break through the midfield and defense and score unassisted off of Dracut to take a 5-2 lead.  With the Tritons still caught up in celebration from their fifth goal Dracut was able to punch threw the flat Triton defense and net their third goal of the game.  After the restart the whistle was blown to signal the end of the game.  The Tritons walked away with their fourth win of the season to improve their record to 4-2.  The Tritons are coached by Chuck Kirby, Sean Sweeney and Joe Dawson.

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