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Summer Grilling

Jun 02, 2014 09:16AM ● By Hollie Gonzalez

Summertime is grilling time!

Summer grilling is officially underway!
For many of us that means lots of cooking outside.  Hamburgers and hot dogs are plentiful, and chicken and steak tips are always a favorite.
I really look forward to those outdoor times with family and friends where we can cook out.  Many memories are made at BBQ's. The men are grilling with the sheer precision of a surgeon, concentrating on the perfect grill marks on the meat. The ice cold beer is sitting grillside and the conversation about last nights game is flowing.
While the women are sitting at the patio table gossiping about the weeks events or the latest sale at Kohls.
The kids are running around driving us crazy, playing too close to the grill, needing more sunblock, a diaper change, another juice box, because the one you already gave them has been tastefully squirted all over their cute summer shirts.
Ahh, the wonderful summer grilling has begun.  So from my family to yours, enjoy it!  These are the times we reminisce about as we get older.  We go from being the sticky kids to the adults wiping the sticky kids and complaining about the heat we so longed for 3 months ago!
Happy grilling!

(Hollie Gonzalez is a resident of Tewksbury.)
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