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Flowers, Plants & Gardens, Oh My!

Jun 04, 2014 09:43AM ● By Hollie Gonzalez

I love this time of year.

 It is so nice to see all the people who really take time and effort in planting flowers and making their yards look so pretty.  The colors in some peoples yards is truly descendent of Monet or Rembrandt.

 I love how people do this every year using mulch, rocks, new bushes, trees, and the prettiest of flowers.  Where they get that "green" thumb is beyond me.  I have tried and my flowers look pretty for about a week or two, then my half sun half shade flowers begin to look like they have been in the Sahara desert.

 I try gallantly to revive them only to realize now that my once beautiful flowers are now dead and swimming in an ocean of water.  But wait, I feel like I can still fix this if I buy some of that expensive blue flower revival stuff that you are supposed to add to the water and spray on them.  So now a trip to the local garden shop is in order.  I pack my kids in to the car and tell my husband we have to go right away because they might not have any more of this sacred blue stuff.

Pulling in the parking lot is a task in itself.  There is never a good parking spot and the blinker wars begin.  After getting a spot 3 miles from the door, finding a carriage is the next endeavor.  Of course there are no regular carriages available, so we end up with one of those long orange ones that are generally used by contractors for hauling wood.  You know the ones I mean, the ones with the wheels that only turn in 90 degree angles and make you look foolish trying any other direction than walking backwards while pulling it.

As I go down the flower aisle I realize that my husband has mysteriously disappeared into the hardware abyss.  This has me terrified because I know he is coming back with some project I really don't want to start.  The kids are reaching from my cart and trying to pull the leaves and flowers off anything in their reach.  Here we go, I'm sweating now.  Where do I go, where is the blue stuff?  Finally I spot the guy in the smock.

Yes, someone who works here!

I try my best to get to him while knocking over a cute display of lawn chairs.  Hi, I casually say to this guy who is giving me the " I have no idea" look already.  I ask him for the holy grail of blue stuff and he stares at me like I am speaking a foreign language.  Really?

Then just out of the corner of my eye, my husband comes walking over with a regular carriage (of course) full of paint and rollers for who knows what, and he is holding, yes, my blue stuff for the flowers.  So to all you planters, gardeners, landscapers and just plain people who make you yards beautiful.

Great job.  It looks marvelous!  and p.s.  my flowers are alive again thanks to the blue stuff!

Hollie lives in Tewksbury.  She is a mom of two kids and can usually be found sitting on the sidelines cheering at her son's baseball games.

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