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Tewksbury Girls 14U-4 Blanks Billerica, 2-0

Jun 10, 2014 01:09PM ● By Bill Gilman

Tewksbury Youth Soccer.

The following information was submitted by the administration of the Tewksbury Youth Soccer League.

BU10-2 Tewksbury 1 : Lowell 1

Tewksbury Continued their season, running their record to 7-0-2.
The Young Redmen kept their magical season going with a well earned 1-1 tie Lowell, this past Monday Evening. The tie earned them a clinch for first place and a trip to Commissioners cup in Woburn weekend of June 21st! 

Back and forth game all night, both team showed why they are number 1 and number 2 in the division. Jake Mcdonough played outstanding is goal, as he has all year; with help from Alek Cranston, Jake Pelletier and Andrew Grieco on defense. Lowell was able to break through for a 1-0 halftime lead, as Tewksbury was held off the score board. Justin Rooney, Brady Chapman, Andrew Della Piana, Travis Cohen, Cameron Gruning, and Logan Auth had their chances.

Second half was more of the same, as Lowell held on to the 1-0 advantage as both teams continued to play in mid field. Rooney tapped a loose ball to Della Piana, who beat his defender down the entire left wing, and placed a perfect shot far post for the 1-1 tie with 3 minutes remaining. The game ended 1-1. With this tie Tewksbury clinched the division and punched their ticket to Commissioners Cup!

Saturday, they travelled a bit short handed to Westford, and earned a 0-0 tie. 

Last game of regular season will be played in Wakefield Saturday June 14th!

GU10-3 Tewksbury 2 : Stoneham 1
Tewksbury started the game short three players but came out strong. The Tewksbury defense was on fire and the offense danced around Stoneham with great skill. Grace Beckman scored the first goal with an assist from Isabel DeSisto. Stoneham answered with a goal of their own to tie the game. Sweepers Gabriela Ortiz and Nicole Potito used their powerful kicks to keep the ball out of the Tewksbury end. Defender Rebecca Langone dribbled the ball up into the Stoneham zone to feed the offense. Maci Chapman and Beckman worked together as forwards to put intense pressure on the Stoneham defense. DeSisto and Leah Casey took their turns on offense, challenging the defenders with relentless efforts. Erica Hinkle and Kiley Kennedy alternated between goalie and forwards, playing each position like a pro. In the second half, Tewksbury's offense push paid off. Ortiz booted in a corner kick and Beckman again put it into the net. The team worked as one with a reward of a 2-1 win!

GU14-4 Tewksbury 2 : Billerica 0

The untamed Tewksbury team played a complete game to improve to 5-2-2 on the season and keep their slim playoff hopes alive. The key to the game was the great goaltending of Megan Cabral who completed her first shutout of the season against the high scoring Billerica team. The shutout was highlighted by a full outstretched lunge to her right to get a piece of the ball to deflect it off the crossbar. 
The defense also was solid all day behind Meaghan Welch, Isabella Beyloune, Daisha Thompson, and Kendall Donahoe. Sarah Boudreau opened the scoring with a great series taking the ball into the corner and then dribbling down the side and netting a tough angled shot into the top corner. Sophia DeMatos also played well in the first half fighting through injury. 
Early int he 2nd half Tewksbury was awarded a direct kick from well outside the 18 and Thompson promptly roofed it to make the score 2-0. Rebecca Smith made several nice runs and passes throughout the game but could not find the net. Kiara Deleon's footwork was awesome in the middle creating several opportunities. Sophia Gouveia was active all over the field to turn several balls around and start the offense. Jane Kirby had great positioning and Alexis Hillis was energetic at the forward position getting a couple of shots in. Caitilin Sheehan continued her great play with gymnastic-like crosses and dependable corner kicks. Sheehan's play has improved throughout the season resulting in a lot of minutes on the field. In the 2nd half Sarah Cunningham played her best soccer of the season with pinpoint anticipation on the ball, great decision making and delivering countless good balls into the zone or into space.

GU12 Tewksbury 1 : Billerica 7

After the break in playing action over the Memorial Day Weekend, the Tewksbury U12 girls travel team headed to Billerica to take on the undefeated Billerica team. After making adjustments to the system of play, the Tritons were lead onto the field by game captains Maddie Robillard, Klara Holden and Jade Owirka. Billerica had the first offensive rush and placed several shots on goal which were stopped by Ava Nickerson, who started in net for the Tritons. Although the Tritons were at times over powered by Billerica, the re- configured defensive line of Abby Hays, Julia Kirby and Jade Owirka and substitute of Mackenzie Dawson helped contain the Billerica rush for nearly ten minutes. Billerica was able to score their first goal on a crossing pass to an open winger who placed the shot past Nickerson to take a 1-0 lead. The Tritons continued to fight back and controlled the ball movement in the midfield with the help of midfielders Klara Holden, Kaitlyn Oates, Caitlyn Finnegan and Lauren Countie. With their combined effort, it led to shots on goal by Tory Sweeney and Sydney DeMasi which were stopped by the Billerica goalkeeper. With ten minutes remaining on the clock in the first half, Billerica was able to work past the Tritons defense three times and place low shots past Ava Nickerson on her right. Both goals were scored when an open Billerica forward recovered the crossing pass on the far side of the goal and netted the shots for goals. Nickerson continued to turn away two more shots by Billerica before the half closed. At the end of the first half Billerica lead 4 to nil.
With the start of the second half Maddie Robillard found herself taking the over the goalkeeper duties. Billerica once again challenged the Tritons with two shots on goal within the first two minutes of play. Robillard stopped both shots. Thirty seconds later Billerica was able to score their fifth goal of the game after placing a shot past Robillard. The Tritons quickly settled down and continued to battle back. The midfield line of Caitlyn Finnegan, Klara Holden and Lauren Countie continued to pressure Billerica. Once again Tory Sweeney and Sydney DeMasi were unable to get the ball past the Billerica goalkeeper with their shots on net. Despite the stronger midfield play in the second half for nearly sixteen minutes, the Tritons struggled to score against Billerica. With twelve minutes remaining in the game Billerica was able to score their sixth goal at the eighteen minutes mark of the second half after netting the shot past Robillard after she stopped an initial shot on net by the Billerica forward. With each offensive drive in the second half the Tritons scoring chances increased. Sydney DeMasi again missed wide with seven minutes remaining in the game. With five minutes remaining in the game Billerica netted their seventh goal of the game to take a 7-0 lead. With the restart the Tritons continued to fight back. Tory Sweeney gained possession of the ball at midfield and made a long run into the offensive third of the field to cross the ball to Abby Hayes who was able to knock the ball past the Billerica goalkeeper to score the Tritons only goal. With the restart of the game the whistle sounded to end the game. Billerica walked off the field with a 7-1 victory over the Tritons. Despite the score, the Tritons have been the only team in the division to score any point off of Billerica. The Tritons determination and team work have been the key factors in their scoring chances against Billerica. The Tritons fell to the 500 mark for the season with a record of 4-4 with two games remaining. The Tritons are coached by Sean Sweeney, Chuck Kirby and Joe Dawson.

GU12 Tewksbury 3 : Reading 4

After falling to first place Billerica last weekend the Tewksbury girls U12 travel team looked for a win versus Reading in their ninth game of the season. The Tritons were lead onto the field by game captains Tory Sweeney, Arianna Dawson, and Mackenzie Dawson. Despite the Reading record, they came ready to battle against the Tritons. Reading hopped onto the score board first after they netted a low shot past Maddie Robillard who started in net for the Tritons. With the quick goal the Tritons fell flat as midfielders Klara Holden, Tory Sweeney, and Jade Owirka were unable to maintain possession of the ball. Reading capitalized on the opportunity and continued to battle hard against the Tritons and move the ball to the weak side. Reading was able work past the defense of Mackenzie Dawson and Julia Kirby to score two more goals before the halfway point of the first half. However Robillard was able to turn away several advances by Reading to keep it a 3-0 game in favor of Reading. With nearly fourteen minutes remaining in the first half, Sydney DeMasi was able to rally the Tritons and boost the energy level of all playing lines with her aggressive play. DeMasi’s determination paid off and scored the Tritons first goal of the game at the twenty minute mark of the first half. With the renewed energy, the Tritons took control of the game and continued to battle back. With four minutes remaining in the first half, Caitlyn Finnegan charged hard towards the Reading goal with the ball and dribbled past the Reading defense. Finnegan was able to place a crossing pass to Ava Nickerson who netted the ball to make it a 3-2 game. Reading continued to battle and the strong defense of Julia Kirby and Mackenzie Dawson helped stop any further advances by Reading. The first half closed with Reading leading 3-2.
With the start of the second half and renewed energy, the Tritons continued to battle and pressure Reading. Klara Holden, Caitlyn Finnegan, Sydney DeMasi and Jade Owirka all had scoring chances within the first several minutes of the second half but all shots went wide of the Reading goal. The Tritons fought fiercely to tie the game with the combined team effort but the ball would not find the back of the net. With four minutes remaining in the game, Ava Nickerson could not get a hand on the loose ball in the scrum of players in front of the net after Reading broke past the tight Triton defense. A Reading forward was able to knock the ball into the goal to take a 4-2 lead. Despite being down the Tritons continued to battle and an Abby Hayes shot was stopped by the Reading goalkeeper. With a minute remaining in the game, Sydney DeMasi was able to work past the Reading defensive line on a breakaway run towards the net and score her second goal of the game to make the score 4-3 in favor of Reading. With the restart of the game, time ran out for the Tritons and Reading walked off with a win. With one more game to play in the season the Tritons fall below 500 with a record of 4-5. The Tritons are coached by Chuck Kirby, Sean Sweeney and Joe Dawson.

GU12-4 Tewksbury 5 : Somerville 0
The undefeated Girls U12-4 team came ready to play, despite the hot weather. Danielle Bain anchored the team, starting in goal.  The forwards challenged Somerville from the start. Sara Boucher was strong at right wing, beating the defenders and sending the ball at the goal.  Hannah Leydon had good passes to teammates, and Ryan Williams had good attacks from the left wing.  Catherine Mawn broke up midfield plays to stop any Somerville threat.  Tewksbury scored first when Julie Devlin sent her corner kick directly at the goal and through the keepers hands - Bend it like Devlin!  Halfbacks Julie Figucia and Michelle Hinkle played tremendous defense.  Figucia consistently intercepted the ball, sending it through the Somerville players up to the offense.  Hinkle used some fancy footwork to steal the ball from the Somerville offense.  Substitutions came often given the heat of the day.  Jessica Scholl, Catalina Burke and Emily Hankins came in on offense, while Sydney Crowley came in on defense.  Scholl showed off her footwork to get the ball down the right wing, and Burke and Hankins combined for some nice give-and-go passes.  Crowley held down midfield to stop Somerville forwards, while Figucia and Devlin took turns at various direct kicks.  The offense unleashed many attacks on goal from Leydon, Williams, Mawn and Boucher.  Devlin took another corner, putting the ball in front of the goal for Williams, who took a couple shots off the defense before putting it over the line. Marissa Heinze got into the game and immediately contributed at left wing.  Heinze had 3 shots on goal, but none would go in.  Scholl and Burke took more shots on goal, but the Somerville keeper was too quick.  Hankins went in on defense and used both good timing and a strong foot to stop a 3-on-1 Somerville surge.  Hinkle and Crowley continued to play great defense to keep the score at 2-0 at the half.  Second half started with Hinkle in goal and Bain on defense.  Bain not only played great defense but also demonstrated her 20yd throw-in skills!  Boucher used her speed to blow by her defender and place a perfet shot on the far post, causing the goalie to make a lunging save.  Leydon quickly put the rebound from the keeper back over the goal line to put Tewksbury up 3-0.  Tewskbury ratcheted up the offense.  Crowley made an all-star pass to Heinze, and Heinze put the ball into the net to make the score 4-0.  Not to be out done, Jess Scholl used some very aggressive body play on the wing to get free and pull off a fantastic cross pass.  Burke one-touched the pass by the Somerville goalie for the 5th Tewksbury goal.  The defense was keeping the ball in the Tewksbury zone, with Devlin, Hankins, Figucia, and Bain constantly pushing the ball up.  Figucia provided some nice protection for Hinkle, acting as sweeper to deflect the few Somerville break-throughs. This improves the team's record to 8-0.

GU 10-1 Tewksbury 4 : Westford 0

The Tewskbury Girls U10-1 Team had a great 4-0 win over Westford. They started out strong with a great cross pass from Raia Price to Daniella Almeida who then passed it to Jordan Sheehan for the first goal of the game. A few moments later Almeida had another pass to Price who was able to knock another goal in for Tewksbury. Riley Sheehan, Aliana Kennen and Natalia Nickerson and Victoria Catanzano also played strong on offense keeping the ball at their end of the field for most of the first half. Katrina MacDonald has some fantastic saves in net and had great support from the defensive lines of Kassidy MacDonald, Katelyn Polimeno, Maeve Cahill and Rachel Picher. Just before the end of the first half Daniella Almeida had another great pass to Jordan Sheehan for the third goal of the game.

Second half brought Katelyn Polimeno to the net. A couple of great saves by Polimeno gave Westford a shut out on the game. The final goal was scored with seconds left in the game, Rachel Picher playing on defense brought the ball up with a quick pass up field and the goal was knocked in with great team work by Riley Sheehan and Katrina MacDonald. Strong work by the entire team gave the girls their sixth win of the season!!

BU16-1 Tewksbury 6:  Chelmsford 0
In their final tune-up before the playoffs, the Tewksbury Redmen took on the Chelmsford Lions on Sunday. The Redmen finished the season a perfect 7-0 by taking home a 6-0 victory. Even with the lopsided outcome, it took 29 minutes for the Tewksbury club to get their first score. But they attacked early and often and even though they didn't score, they gave themselves several opportunities. One good opportunity came in the first ten minutes when center midfielder John Donovan gave a perfect through ball to right middie Christian Lucchesi. Their timing was perfect as Donovan sent the ball to the right corner of the 18 just as Lucchesi took off past the defender. Christian's one-timer banged off the far post, missing that scoring chance by inches. Chelmsford's best player was their keeper, and he kept the game scoreless as he made several acrobatic saves. In the next ten minutes, striker Mohamad Yatim worked hard for several good scoring chances, but each shot was thwarted and pounced on by the talented keeper. With such a dominant attack, the outside fullbacks for Tewksbury were able to play way up in Chelmsford's goal. Fullback Eric Gallant tried a shot from 25 yards out and his kick sailed high. Finally, in the 29th minute, Tewksbury lit the scoreboard when left middie Mike Flynn made a nice pass back to fellow midfielder Phil Borges. Borges blasted the perfect feed from the 18 into the top right corner. Six minutes later, Nick McKeon scored the Redmen's second goal with an assist from Connor MacLean and it looked like the rout was on. Chelmsford hoped that the halftime break might stop the momentum. But no such luck now that the Redmen were rolling. They added their third goal eight minutes into the second half with MacLean doing it by himself. At the 18, he made a nice self-pass with a tap of the ball past the last defender and a hop over his leg to continue the rush. One more touch to get the Chelmsford keeper to commit and MacClean easily finished with a blast from 6 yards. MacLean figured into Tewksbury's fourth goal when the team was awarded a direct kick from about 30 yards out. Chelmsford set up a wall at the 18 and MacClean kicked it just over the wall of defenders. The ball deflected off a jumping defender and continued toward the goal. Midfielder Chris McCabe crashed the net as soon as the ball was kicked and was all alone at the goal line to redirect the kick into the open net. Tewksbury keeper Rafael Perez was not challenged the entire game. Complementing the strong attacking middies, the defending midfielders Brandon Alves, Josh Cardia, and Jeff Carr kept the ball in Chelmsford's end most of the time. The few times the ball entered Tewksbury's zone, defenders Andrew Boudreau, Scott Callahan, and Akash Ranjit cleared it out so goalie Perez only handled the ball a few times. Cody Souza finished the scoring for Tewksbury, getting credit for goals 5 and 6. The last goal was all about being in good position as a high chip from Alec DiCaccio allowed MacClean to put a header on the ball. As the ball was bouncing along the goal line, Souza used his body near the far post to make sure the ball didn't roll wide, deflecting it into the back of the net. Tewksbury will start their post-season play with a game against Wakefield next Sunday at 2 PM in Wilmington.

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