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New Details Emerge Regarding Attempted Murder At Ames Pond

Jun 11, 2014 12:24AM ● By Bill Gilman

James David Doherty is charged with assault and attempted murder.

A Melrose man was drunk and out of control when he tried to strangle a woman in her Tewksbury home, Friday night.
Police say James David Doherty physically attacked the woman several times, by various means, before she was able to escape the residence and call 911.
Doherty, who was arraigned Monday in Lowell District Court, is charged with attempted murder, domestic assault and battery,  threatening to commit a crime (murder) and wanton destruction of property.
According to a Tewksbury Police Department press release, officers were called to an apartment on Ames Pond Drive after receiving a call from a woman who claimed to have been assaulted by a man living in her home. Officers first on the scene said the woman "appeared upset and frightened." She had cuts on her shoulder as was bleeding from the nose.
The victim identified Doherty as her attacker. She said Doherty had been staying with her and her husband because he was homeless. His last known address had been 24 Vine Street, Apt. 6, Melrose.
The victim told the officers she had come home and found Doherty drunk and she demanded that he leave. Doherty refused, however, and allegedly punched her in the face. She said he then hurled a lamp at her, as well as a full beverage and threatened to kill bother her and her husband.
According to the victim, Doherty then grabbed her around the throat and tied to strangle her. According to the police report, he also pulled her shirt off during the attack.
Officers then entered the apartment and found Doherty on the couch, bleeding from what appeared to be self-inflicted wounds on his wrists and hands. He was taken into custody and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. At the hospital, police say Doherty again threatened to kill the victim in order to "make the news."

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