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Shopping Cart Blinkers?

Jun 16, 2014 03:59PM ● By Hollie Gonzalez

So, like most moms, I was tasked with food shopping this weekend.  I had a plan.  I was just going to get the essentials.  You know milk, bread, eggs, chocolate.. In and out.  But, It was a zoo.  The place was packed.  As I was moving around in my aisle daze.  I had a thought.  What if shopping carts had blinkers?  Well this surely would ease the congestion in the aisles, right?  Lets discuss.

I, for example was in the cereal aisle.  I knew where the Cheerios were and was heading straight for them, when all of a sudden there was a lady in front of me who with no warning, just dead stopped!  Middle of the aisle, no way around.  I almost took her out with my cart!  I watch as she takes great care (about a full minute) to grab the Frosted Flakes.  Now she doesn't just throw them in her cart and move on, she starts staring at the box like she was having this exceptional conversation with Tony the Tiger!  Now here is where the thought came.  What if she had a blinker?  She could have used it to pull over and I could have slowed up behind her and passed easily to my Cheerios.  Now this situation warrants about 4 excuse me's to get by.  You know..excuse me...excuse me..excuse me..EXCUSE ME.. getting louder each time, she finally moves over just enough for me to get by, wheels touching. 

I got to thinking about this whole blinker thing.  What if people failed to use them?  Would they get a ticket?  Would there be Super Market police?  I guess blinkers on shopping carts might not work so well.

As I'm in the check out line behind a lovely man who clearly was in no hurry to check out because he was looking inside every magazine with a Kardashian on it, I had another thought.  Shopping cart horns!

Hollie lives in Tewksbury with her two children.  She can often be found cheering for her son on the sidelines of his baseball games.

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