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Has Focus On Safety Taken Away Some Of The Fun Of Being A Kid?

Jun 20, 2014 10:31AM ● By Bill Gilman

Are metal slides too dangerous?

It seemed like a no-brainer on the surface.
The old metal slide at the Funway Playground on Livingston Street was being replaced as part of the overall $216,000 renovation of the popular recreation facility.
The new slide, as outlined in a presentation by the Funway Playground Renovation Committee, would be a little shorter and made of plastic to lessen the chance of cuts, concussions and leg burns on hot days.
Among some residents, the news triggered fond memories of flying down metal slides on their backsides or stomachs and risking burns or injury for the thrill of the ride. And it also sparked speculation that perhaps we, as a society have gone to far in our quest to keep children safe from anything and everything.
Here are some comments on the Your Tewksbury Today Facebook Page, responding to a meme of a metal slide:
  • Robert Iversen Yes, and they were fast... fast enough to break an arm or ankle, but the schools kept them and we just learned how to slide better. LOL
  • Serina Conte Ryder When I told my boys that the park was going to be done over, the first thing they said was, "they better keep the slide"!  I agree with Jeannette, I hope there are fun things for big kids. I don't want my park days to be over yet!
  • Jeannette Waugh My kid was wearing windbreaker fabric pants one day and she shot off that slide like bullet! Hope the new park will have a few fast rides for the big kids to enjoy!
  • Dirk Anderson I just hope they are smart enough to use light colors. The dark green slide at Shedd Park get to be 19,000 degrees by 10:00 am
  • Dorothy Johnson We would put WAX Paper under our Butts or make it long enough for under our legs also lol xo 
So what do you think? Has our quest for safety for our kids taken some of the fun out of childhood? Let us know how you feel in the comment section below.

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