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EPA Update: Truck Traffic In South Tewksbury To Increase This Week

Jun 22, 2014 11:15PM ● By Bill Gilman

Work has begun on efforts to cleanup and cap the Sutton Brook Superfund Site, also known as Rocco's Dump.

The EPA has provided its latest update on the progress of the Sutton Brook, aka Rocco's Dump, Superfund cleanup project.

For residents of South Tewksbury, the key element to the report is the uptick in truck traffic on South Street, Bridge Street and Shawsheen Street delivering materials, supplies and equipment to the site, starting on Tuesday, June 24.

According to the update, there will be 3-5 days of heavy truck traffic, followed by a "slow period" of up to two weeks. After that, truck traffic will increase again, as "fill" is brought into the site.

Here is the complete update from the EPA:

What residents should expect:

Site preparation and clearing activities are ongoing.

Going forward, the Site is active and regular deliveries of materials, supplies or equipment will continue (including loads of material to construct temporary roads).  At this time it is expected that transport of fill involving significant truck traffic will begin on or shortly after June 24.  Initially, there will be about 3-5 days of significant truck traffic, followed by a 1-2 week slow period.  After the slow period, transport of fill with significant truck traffic is expected to be ongoing.  Further updates will be provided as the schedule is more firmly established.  When significant truck traffic commences, police presence along the truck route is planned.

Signs for the truck route have been installed at the South St/Bridge St intersection, and Shawsheen St/Bridge St intersection.  

Operating hours will generally be between 7:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Looking further ahead, it is expected that work will occur on the last 3 Sundays of July.  The work will occur in the central portion of the Site (not near Site boundaries).  Deliveries will not take place on Sundays.  It is also expected that Saturday work will start the same week as Sunday work.  Saturday work will probably continue into the fall.

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