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Officer Steps In After Special Needs Adults Abandoned At Hulk Hogan Event

Jun 30, 2014 03:49PM ● By Bill Gilman

Tewksbury Police Headquarters.

A driver for a community services agency in Lynn could face disciplinary action and criminal charges after allegedly abandoning two special needs adult males in Tewksbury on Saturday.
The driver, identified in a Tewksbury Police report as Kevin Flowers, was driving clients of Bridgewell Community Services in Lynn to see pro wrestling legend Hulk Hogan at the Grand Opening of the Tewksbury Sports Club.
According to the report, Flowers approached an officer on detail duty at the event just before 6 p.m. and asked the officer to tell the men he couldn't wait for them. He gave the officer some contact numbers for Bridgewell Community Services and told him to have the men call him when they were done and ready to be picked up.
The officer, Patrolman John Casey, provided dispatch with several contact numbers but dispatch was unable to reach anyone or get a recording for an answering machine.
One of the men provided Officer Casey with the number of the McDonald's where he works in Salem. Dispatch called the McDonald's and a supervisor gave the additional contact information for Bridgewell.
According to the Police report, dispatch was able to reach Paula Welsh, who works in residential support for Bridgewell, who identified the driver as Flowers and said he was driving a 12-passenger special needs van and was supposed to have stayed with the men throughout the entire event.
Officer Casey looked around the area of the Tewksbury Sports Club but the van was nowhere to be found. He then brought the two men back to Police Headquarters, where he gave the men a tour of the station and ordered them a pepperoni pizza for dinner.
Eventually, Flowers arrived at Police Headquarters, wondering if the two men were there. He was told by Casey that a pizza was on its way for the men and that he would have to wait. Flowers did not offer an explanation as to his actions.
In the meantime, police ran a routine check on Flowers' license and discovered that it was suspended.
Welsh arrived at Police Headquarters and transported the men back to Lynn. She later came back with another employee to retrieve the Bridgewell van, according to the report.
Reached by phone, a spokesperson for Bridgewell said the company was aware of the incident and was conducting an internal investigation, after which they would take any action appropriate. She would not comment on the current status of Flowers, citing confidentiality requirements.
It was not immediately clear if Tewksbury Police filed charges against Flowers for driving with a suspended license.

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