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BREAKING: Over 1,000 Gather at DeMoulas Warehouse For Protest

Jul 18, 2014 10:00AM ● By Bill Gilman
Over 1,000 Market Basket Employees have gathered at the DeMoulas Warehouse on East Street this morning for a rally in support of ousted CEO Arthur T. deMoulas. The employees are demanding that Arthur T. Be reinstated as CEO and president of the company with full authority.
He had been ousted by the board of directors last month as part of an ongoing power struggle with his cousin Arthur S. DeMoulas.
The newly appointed CEOS of the company sent out a letter yesterday threatening to fire any employees who walked off their jobs today.
The protest was organized by middle management and involves everyone from store managers to drivers to baggers.
A report earlier today indicates the CEOs had hired temporary workers to work in the warehouse and but no trucks have been seen leaving the facility.
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