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Speak Out: What People Are Saying About DeMoulas/Market Basket Protests

Jul 19, 2014 06:40AM ● By Bill Gilman
 Your Tewksbury Today readers chimed in on the battle raging over the leadership of DeMoulas Supermarket, Inc.. Reaction has been mixed.
Here are some of the comments posted on Facebook:

Eddie Dufresne -- Artie T is the only millionaire involved that has any sense when dealing with the workers.He,unlike his cousin, realizes he has more money than he could ever spend. Profit sharing and bonuses keep the worker bees happy.Greed is ugly and Arthur S Demoulas is greedy.Artie T should be re-instated as CEO ASAP to avoid any more dissension amongst the ranks. The PR nightmare that this is creating is bad for business period.

Audrey Kelly -- Admirable. Never worked for MB but have shopped there for 25 years and love the company.

Nancy Burton McCarthy -- I may boycott MB since this is all about corporate greed!! This man has been good to his employees, bring him back!!!!!!

Ed Dufresne -- This is corporate America my friends. ONE of those CEO's makes more money than ALL of those employees combined. I support those employees.

Kate Brothers -- Admirable. It will be interesting to see if management go through with their threats to fire. Pointless because management is NOT listening to them.

Donna J Rosenblatt -- My son depends on the job. They don't know who may get hurt. ....sad situation.

Dirk Anderson -- Hard to argue with Christine. This is the most dysfunctional family I've ever seen. But a walkout is a dumb idea. They'll all be replaced. I think it would have been much more effective for employees to picket in front of stores on their non-work hours. Losing your job is not a good way to support someone who lost theirs

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