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EPA Sutton Brook Update: What Tewksbury Residents Can Expect Over The Next Few Weeks

Jul 23, 2014 02:46PM ● By Bill Gilman

Work being done on the Sutton Brook/Rocco's Dump site.

The following information was submitted by the Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1, on July 22, regarding the ongoing Sutton Brook (Rocco's Dump) cleanup.

During the project EPA will continue to provide updates on upcoming site activities as much in advance as feasible. 

What residents should expect over the next few weeks:

Signs for the truck route were installed at the South St/Bridge St intersection, and Shawsheen St/Bridge St intersection.

Site preparation and clearing activities have been substantially completed.

As indicated in the previous update, since late June the Site has been in the midst of the heavy delivery schedule, with deliveries of cover materials and supplies approaching 80-100 loads per day.  This general delivery schedule will be ongoing.

The previous update also indicated that weekend work would be occurring at the Site.  There will be work at the Site on the next 3 weekends (Saturday and Sunday – July 26-27, Aug 2-3 and Aug 9-10).  The work will occur primarily in the central portion of the Site (not near Site boundaries).  Deliveries will not take place on weekend days.  It is also expected that Saturday work will probably continue into the fall.

The Saturday/Sunday work is occurring as there is a specialty sub-contractor on-Site, installing a slurry wall (an underground wall between the brook and the landfill on the south side of Sutton Brook).  The specialty sub-contractor is expected to complete their work by August 11.  During this 3 week period of weekend work, working hours on all days may extend 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

After August 10, it is anticipated that operating hours will return to a7:00 am to 4:30 pm schedule.

Latest Update submitted July 23:
Newly updated Site information, shows that due to a schedule/planning issue, there will actually be a delivery to the site this weekend (it will be a total of 3 trucks).  Although it involves a very small number of deliveries, this amended update is being provide because the July 22 update clearly stated that there would not be weekend deliveries.  The reason for the deliveries this weekend is to provide clay material for the slurry wall contractor (the “specialty sub-contractor”) who would need to stop work without it.  The material is coming from Wyoming, so there is a significant lead time.

The practice of a weekend delivery could possibly happen again, though it is not anticipated or planned.  However, if it does occur, it would only be for a similar unique situation, involving a very limited number of vehicles.  In addition, advance notification will be provided if at all possible.    
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