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Monday Mashup: Special DeMoulas/Market Basket Edition

Jul 28, 2014 02:07PM, Published by Bill Gilman, Categories: Business, Today

The Battle of Market Basket rages on!

Do you feel a little bit behind the curve when it comes to the whole DeMoulas/Market Basket saga?
Here are some stories from around the web that should get you up to speed.

A change in allegiance sent the dominoes falling
This is an exceptional piece by Grant Welker of the Lowell Sun on how and why we got to this point in the power struggle between the two cousins. The pendulum swung due to the actions of an little known board member. Click here for the full story.

Perspective from Da Tech Guy
Here's a terrific column on the Battle for Market Basket from a longtime observer. Check it out here on

Did Arthur S. explore selling off the company back in 2011?
The Boston Globe has a fascinating piece on supposed talks between Arthur S. DeMoulas and a NYC equity firm back in 2011 to sell the company if he could get better than 50 percent control. Click here for the full story.

What is the current state of DeMoulas/Market Basket?
The Globe takes this look at the current state of the company and the impact the employee rebellion has had. Click here to read the whoie story.

Complete Your Tewksbury Today Coverage of the Market Basket/DeMoulas Saga:

Breaking: DeMoulas Board Refuses To Reinstate Arthur T., Says It Will 'Consider' Buyout Offer

'Final' Market Basket Rally Draws Thousands To Tewksbury

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