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The Empire Strikes Back: Report For Work Monday Or You're Fired!

Jul 30, 2014 05:15PM ● By Bill Gilman
The co-CEOs of DeMoulas Supermarkets have reached the end of their patience with striking employees.
Wednesday afternoon, Felicia Thornton and Jim Gooch released a letter directed to employees staging a work stoppage in support of ousted CEO/President Arthur T. DeMoulas. The letter demanded that employees return to work as of Monday, Aug. 4 or be "replaced." 
"We need associates to return to work on Monday August 4th," the statement read, in part. "We understand that some associates may choose not to return, consequently we will begin advertising for employment opportunities."
This letter coincides with a report tweeted by the Lowell Sun's Grant Welker, that DeMoulas had scheduled a three-day job fair, Aug. 4-6. The job fair Aug. 4-5 (4 to 8 p.m.) will be for current employees looking to be promoted to vacant positions and Aug. 6 (1 to 8 p.m.) will be for outside hires. All three will be held at the DeMoulas information technology center, 340 Ballardvale St., Andover.
Arthur T. DeMoulas and his cousin Arthur S. DeMoulas have been engaged in a bitter feud for two decades over control of the company their grandfather founded and their fathers built. In June, Arthur S. gained majority control of the Board of Directors and fired his cousin and two other top executives. The firing triggered an employee rebellion that slowly gained steam and grew into three massive rallies and a work stoppage that is entering its 13th day.
According to multiple published reports, the work stoppage has crippled the 71-store chain and is costing the company upwards of $10 million a day in revenue. Employees are picketing daily outside Market Basket locations, including Oakdale Mall and Stadium Plaza in Tewksbury. The workers have said they will not return to work until Arthur T. DeMoulas is re-instated as CEO/President or his offer to buy the company is accepted.

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