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Your Saturday DeMoulas/Market Basket Mashup

Aug 02, 2014 05:03PM ● By Bill Gilman
This is it.
Monday, Aug. 4 has been circled in red as the day the Great Market Basket Employee Rebellion of 2014 comes to a head.
The two sides may not be meeting in the valley of Har Megiddo but it sure feels that way. The CEO's are threatening to fire/replace workers who don't report for work Monday and return to business as usual. A group of fired managers has answered by threatening to sue DeMoulas for wrongful termination.
And in the meantime, a DeMoulas family from London, who generally likes to keep a low profile, may hold the key to settling the war between Arthur T. and Arthur S. DeMoulas.
Here is a mashup of articles from across the Internet that will get you caught up on the issues, the players and where we go from here.

How we got here
The Boston Globe offers a terrific piece on the Chronology of the DeMoulas Supermarkets company and the Genesis of the feud between the two Arthurs. It also breaks down the shareholders and the Board of Directors. These are NOT the same group of people.
A second story on the same topic can be found here.

How big is one vote? In this case, it was huge
The Lowell Sun's Grant Welker takes a look at the wild card among the shareholders. It was her vote that put Arthur S. DeMoulas in charge and it's her vote that could take it all away.

Is Market Basket really that much less expensive than other supermarkets?
New Hampshire Public Radio wanted to find out what all the fuss was about in regard to Market Basket prices. Here is what they found.

The Empire Strikes Back and sets a deadline for workers to return
In truth, the number of workers who are actually engaged in a full-blown work stoppage is small. Mostly drivers and warehouse people. But the store managers and staff have also not been cooperating in terms of accepting food deliveries etc. So the CEO's made it clear, they have scheduled a job fair to start replacing people.

Fired Managers: We'll see you in court
In the meantime, a group of eight managers fired for their part in fanning the flames of insurrection, have said they plan to sue DeMoulas for wrongful termination. 

And the customers have their say

Above, you will find a full page ad published in the Lowell Sun, blasting thedecision to fire Arthur T and other senior management and threatening a permanent boycott.
It was bought and paid for by Market Basket customers using an online group funding tool. We would have been glad to publish it for free on Your Tewksbury Today and, in fact, we are!

And Finally ....
Below you will find the video of a song that sings the praises of Arthur T. DeMoulas and pleads for his re-hiring as CEO/President of the the company.

A song for Arthur T. by Jimmy Z and Mike Payette.

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