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TYSL Roundup: Girls U12-4 Doubles Up On Westford

Sep 09, 2014 09:40AM ● By Bill Gilman

Tewksbury Youth Soccer.

Tewksbury BU10-5 3  vs Wakefield 3

Today was our first travel game at home against Wakefield. Our boys named the team "The Wolverines." They were ready to play once the whistle blew. We had amazing performances on offense by William Humphrey, Ben Piccolo and Evan Galanis, scoring the teams three goals. Ryan Feudo ALMOST had a goal himself, but besides scoring he pulled double duty in the net as our goalie. Evan Galanis also took on the net with Cameron Aeiras also covering a shift. We had plenty of our offensive bursts by Michael Parisi, Edward Doyle, and Chandler Dubay. Besides the offense our team really protected the net on defense. Led by amazing coverage from Matthew Slagel, Sudeep Chitrothu, AJ Loder, Nathan Petrone, and Cameron Aerias. The team was able to stay toe for toe with Wakefield pulling out a 3-3 tie. Bottom line- Team Wolverines means business and are ready to go for game 2!

Bu12-2 2 vs Lowell 12-2 2

Tewksbury opened their U12 season with one of the better ties you can ask for. They were short handed with only one sub, and had Travis Cohen playing goal, who has never played goal before.

It was hot, and these kids were gassed, which earned them a gratifying 2-2 tie in Lowell. They were lead defensively by Alek Cranston, Eric Impink, and Jake Pelletier. Travis Cohen was sensational in goal, keeping the Lowell off the score board in the first half. Tewksbury made the score 1-0 as Luke Mcfadyen was streaking down the right wing, fed a beautiful cross to Andrew Della Piana who made not mistake burying the shot by the Lowell goalie. Luke McFadyen was not done, after a great defensive play by Impink feeding the ball up though mid field, McFadyen fired a shot by the keeper making it 2-0. Tewksbury played great in the mid field, lead by Logan Teixeira, Will McFadyen, and Sam Barbabgallo.

As the temperatures picked up, and Tewksbury started to feel the effects of the 1 sub, they continued to battle as Barbagallo, Teixeira, and Della Piana had multiple chances even hitting a post. Cranston, Impink, and Pelletier continued to hang in on defense, while Cohen continued to make saves. Lowell mounted a furious attack in the last 10 minutes, scoring 2 quick goals to tie the score 2-2.

Great game by 2 great teams!

GU12-4  Tewksbury 4- Westford 2

With the return of the fall season the Tewksbury girls U12-4 travel soccer team started their season off at home against Westford. The girls adopted the team name of the Tigers for this season and welcomed five new faces to the team. The Tigers were lead onto the field by game captains Klara Holden and Marykate Callinan. With the start of the game the Tiger started off slowly. Westford was able to place two low shots on net that were turned away by Maddie Robillard who started in net for the Tigers. The starting rotational defense of Julie Figucia and Mackenzie Dawson and Emma Fleming kept Westford off the scoreboard until the twenty-one minute mark when Westford was able to work past the defense and place a low shot past Robillard to make it 1-0. With Westford on the scoreboard the forward and midfield lines of Caitlyn Finnegan, Hannah Leydon, Klara Holden, Marykate Callinan, Tory Sweeney and Ryan Williams had difficulties trying to work past the stubborn Westford midfield. The Tigers best chance of scoring in the first half came from Jade Owirka, twenty-three minutes into the first half when she place a high shot over the top of the net. With the heat slowing both sides, the Tigers were able to place one other shot on net from Klara Holden who missed wide. Robillard turned away two more advances by Westford to keep the game 1 nil in favor of Westford as the half closed. 

With the start of the second half Klara Holden took over the goalkeeper duties from Robillard. As the second half progressed the Tigers settled in as a team and started to control the ball in the offensive third of the field. Tory Sweeny made the first attack on then Westford net for the Tigers. Sweeney placed a hard shot on goal that was stopped by the Westford goalkeeper. With the controlling work of the Tigers midfield Ryan Williams was able to come away with the ball and place a shot to the far corner to beat the Westford goalkeeper six minutes into the second half to tie the game 1-1. With the continued advances from the Tigers, Westford could not get the ball past midfield. Jade Owirka and Ryan William continued to place shots on goal midway through out the second half. Despite their best effort Westford could not slow Tewksbury as they advanced again down the left wing. Ryan Williams made a crossing pass to the middle that was knocked down by Westford defender. Hannah Leydon was able to collect the ball and push it threw a crowed of legs where Caitlyn Finnegan was able to tap the ball past the Westford goalkeeper to make it a 2-1 game in favor of Tewksbury sixteen minute into second half. With the restart the Tigers were able to regain control of the ball and battle back to the Westford goal. Owirka was tripped inside the penalty box and was awarded a penalty kick. Owirka’s PK was stopped by the Westford goalkeeper, but the rebound rolled to a charging Marykate Callinan who put it past the Westford goalkeeper to make it a 3-1 game. With the restart Westford continued to battle back and advance towards the Tewksbury goal where Klara Holden saw her first action of the half and stopped the shot from Westford. With minutes remaining in the game Tory Sweeney collected the ball at midfield and charged towards the Westford goal. Sweeney knock the ball forward to Callinan who then scored the Tigers fourth and final goal of the game. With the restart, Westford continued to fight back despite the score. The Westford forwards were able to work past the defense a place a rolling shot threw the hands of Holden to make it a 4-2 game. With time running out the game ended with the Tigers walking away with a 4-2 win over Westford. The Tigers are coached by Jason Williams, Sean Sweeney and Joe Dawson. 

Tewksbury United (GU12-5)  5 vs. Stoneham (GU12-4) 0
Tewksbury United blanked Stoneham 5-0 in a remarkable team effort in their first game of the season. Powered by Isabella DeMatos and Madison Forgione’s relentless pressure on Stoneham’s defense resulting in two goals each. Mia Gaglione added another shutout to her storied career turning away all shots that came her way. Sophia Madera spent all game showing off her powerful leg which was best demonstrated on a number of great corner kicks. Ashlyn Nawn’s combination of effort and desire were very impressive and should set the benchmark for what every girl on the team should strive for. Ashley Bielecki and Riley Veits did a very nice job pressuring the outside of Stoneham’s defense and were instrumental in changing the field all game. Grace Beckman did a great job controlling the middle of the field and added a great goal when she stepped in front of a Stoneham pass, drove to the net, and took a quality, hard shot. Nicolette Evangelista continues to be a jack of all trades. She plays up, she plays back, and she plays great. Nicole Potito really held down the fort on defense and flashed a very strong leg and great awareness. Sarra Barkallah continued to play great defense and repeatedly turned the corner on Stoneham’s wing players to advance the ball. Ashley Demers played the midfield position like a seasoned veteran, even though the concept was completely new to all of Tewksbury United’s players. 

Tewksbury GU10-4 3 vs. Somerville GU10-4 2

The Tewksbury Girls U10-4 team opened the 2014 Fall Season with a 3-2 victory over Somerville. Majie Welton opened the scoring for Tewksbury with a clean breakaway finish to stake Tewksbury to an early 1-0 lead. In the second half, Brooke Haley doubled Tewksbury's lead with left footed rocket from the top of the penalty area. Tewksbury would see Somerville mount a furious comeback to tie the score late in the second half. Tewksbury was able to withstand the charge, with Stephanie Mercurio making several key late game saves. Welton finished off her brace with little more than a minute on the clock to secure the win for Tewksbury.

Tewksbury GU10-2  3  vs Westford GU10-1  2

The Tewksbury GU10-2 team posted a 3-2 win over the Westford GU10-1 team in their season opener at home. The Tewksbury girls had their work cut out for them against the strong and physical Westford team. The 1st half defense of Darya Mehrabani, Alex Filmore, Brooklynn DeGrechie and Ava Paquette keep the Westford offense with limited scoring opportunities. The few attempted shots that Westford had on net were turned away by Tewksbury goalie, Avery Della Piana. Tewksbury's offense of Carrina Barron, Leah Casey, Alana Price, Alyssa Adams and Mackenzie Hickey worked tirelessly to put several shots on net but were denied any 1st half goals. At the 18 minute mark in the half, Tewksbury was given a direct kick off a Westford penalty. Brooklynn DeGrechie took the kick from 20 yards out and blasted a beautiful shot over the goalie's head to score Tewksbury's first goal and to close out the half up 1-0.
Tewksbury started the 2nd half confident and strong with Carrina Barron and Ava Paquette putting up some early shots on goal. However, the Westford offense would notch their 1st goal of the game with a long, hard shot that sailed over the head of Tewksbury 's goalie. Tewksbury quickly rallied and worked the ball into their offensive zone. Left wing, Ava Paquette wasted no time as she received a pass and drilled a shot past the Westford goalie to put Tewksbury up 2-1. Only minutes later, Westford capitalized on a Tewksbury defensive breakdown and scored their 2nd goal to tie the game 2-2. Brooklynn DeGrechie, Alex Filmore and Darya Mehrabani tightened up the Tewksbury defense and limited Westford to only a couple of scoring chances. Goalie, Avery Della Piana made a spectacular 2nd half save which kept Tewksbury's offensive momentum alive. With only a few minutes remaining in the half, center forward, Alana Price received the ball and took the quick shot in front of the net to score the goal and seal a 3-2 victory over Westford.
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