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TYSL Roundup: Tewksbury U10 Boys Double Up On Wilmington

Sep 23, 2014 01:07PM ● By Bill Gilman

Tewksbury Youth Soccer.

BU10-3 Tewksbury (4) vs. Wilmington (2)
The Tewksbury boys won their third game of the season earning a 4-2 victory over Wilmington.  Tewksbury put on some early pressure, but was unable to get a goal past the Wilmington keeper.  They finally broke through in the 17th minute when Dylan Paulding took Shea Moynihan’s throw-in and scored the game’s first goal.  Wilmington followed with some scoring opportunities, but a strong save by Cole Evangelista late in the first half kept Wilmington off the board.  Tewksbury extended their lead just before halftime with a wonderful team goal.  Joshua Pinto finished a cross from Evan Mendonca while the play was set up by great passing from Daniel Sullivan, Derek Nazzaro and Moynihan.  Michael Carlson started the second half off strong earning Tewksbury a number of scoring chances.  In the 32nd minute Cade Barron broke through the Wilmington defense to score Tewksbury’s third goal of the game.  Wilmington scored their first in the 38th minute and pulled within a goal with five minutes remaining in the game.  All of Wilmington’s momentum was quickly stopped a minute later when Evangelista snuck home an insurance goal assisted by Chris Johnston.

Tewksbury BU12-2  4 Billerica B12-3  0
Tewksbury ran their record to 2-0-1 on the young season with a convincing 4-0 victory against Billerica.  As usual the defense was lead by Eric Impink, Alek Cranston, and Jake Pelletier.  Any offense threat that came through was handled by goalie tandem of Jake Mcdonough and Tim Sweeney, each making the saves when counted on.  Jake McDonough not only plays goalie, but was one of the stars of the game on offense, scoring 2 goals in the first half.  Tewksbury’s first goal came courtesy of Andrew Della Piana, who took a beautiful cross from Luke McFadyen, and put the ball far post for the 1-0 lead.  McDonough’s fist goal of the half was set up by Logan Teixeira, McDonough was sent in on a breakaway, and he fired a shot by the goalie for a 2-0 advantage.  Mcdonough was not done, as Eric Impink took one of his long throw ins, sent Mcdonough down the wing, he cut to middle and fire a great shot far post giving Tewksbury a 3-0 lead.  Tewksbury controlled play in the midfield with Justin Rooney, Will McFadyen, and Travis Cohen contributing with solid ball movement.  Sam Barbagallo continued with the great ball movement up front, with many chances near the goal.
The Second half started off with Tewksbury dominating the midfield and defensive ends. Cranston, Pelletier, and Impink would not let Billerica get anything set up offensively; while Rooney, Cohen, Teixeira, and Will and Luke McFadyen controlled the midfield.  The scoring was capped off by a picture perfect play; Cohen sent Teixeira down the wing, Teixeira crossed the ball far post, and Della Piana wasted no time with a one timer into the back of the net for his second goal of the game a 4-0 lead.
The game ended 4-0 as Mcdonough and Timmy Sweeney combined for their second shutout in 2 two weeks!

GU12-3 Tewksbury 2 - Billerica 2
The girls came into the game strong after last week's loss to Dracut.  Michelle Hinkle started in goal, and the girls quickly got to work.  Forwards Abby Hansbury, Alex Fowler and Christina Wentworth put immediate pressure on the Billerica defense, causing a penalty in the box.   Fowler drilled the penalty kick, but the Billerica keeper lunged for the save, and the team tried to bury the rebound but had no luck.  Tewksbury defenders Jessica Scholl, Megan Boudreau and Ashley Talbot, along with midfielder Maci Chapman, turned away any Billerica advances to protect goalie Michelle Hinkle.  Line changes came with Aliana Kennen, Isabel DeSisto, and Makenna Rosberg archoring the team on defense.  Again, the new defensive line ensured that Billerica's offense had no productive shots on goal.  Erica Hinkle rotated in at midfield and Abby Hayes came in on the wing.  Tewksbury forwards showed that speed beats size, beating defenders to send cross passes in from the wings.  Boudreau, Rosberg and Kennen took turns on offense.  The first half ended with the score 0-0.  The second half started with Michelle Hinkle rotating out of goal onto defense and Abby Hansbury moving into net.  Players again rotated positions, with DeSisto and Scholl getting their chance on offense, Wentworth moving to defense and Erica Hinkle moving into goal.  Tewksbury was called for a penalty in the box and Billerica put a well-placed shot past Hinkle.  Tewksbury came roaring back when Chapman got the ball to Hansbury, who then crossed to DeSisto.  DeSisto kicked the ball past the goalie, tying the game 1-1.  Tewksbury's defense stayed strong, and the offense continued to challenge the opponents.  The Tewksbury offense found the ball inside the box, and they pounced on the ball.  Fowler was able to connected, scoring to put Tewksbury up 2-1.  The girls continued their attack, with Scholl and Hansbuy both hitting the goal posts on shot attempts.  Tewksbury then committed a penalty in their own box, and Erica Hinkle again faced a Billerica penalty shot.  Hinkle got a good jump in the right direction, but the shot was again perfectly placed right inside the goalpost to tie the game 2-2.  Many thanks to the BU12-1 team for cheering on the girls late in the game!                                         

GU12-4 Tewksbury 4- Woburn 4
 The Tewksbury girls 12-4 travel team headed to Woburn for their third game of the season.  The Tigers were lead onto the field by game captains Maddie Robillard, and Emma Fleming.  Game captain Maddie Robillard stared in net for the Tigers. Robillard saw action quickly at the start of the game when Woburn got its first shot on goal at the two-minute mark of the game after a quick start.  The Tigers quickly responded and the rotating forward and midfield line of Klara Holden, Hanna Leydon, Emma Fleming, Jade Owirka, Ryan Williams and Tory Sweeney moved the ball into the offensive third of the field and pressured the Woburn goalkeeper with shots coming form Williams, Owirka, and Holden. With the continued pressure from the Tigers Ryan Williams was able to work the ball down the left wing and cross the ball to an open Hannah Leydon who knocked the ball into the goal for the Tigers first goal six minutes into the game.  Woburn quickly responded a minute later and worked past the defense of Mackenzie Dawson and Caitlyn Finnegan and placed a low shot to the near goal post.  Robillard was able to get her hands on the ball but, the slick ball slipped out of her hands into the goal to tie the game 1-1.  Both Woburn and the Tigers fought hard in the mid field.  Woburn was able to place several other hard shots on net that were turned away by Robillard.  The Tigers continued to battle back with the effort of Marykate Callinan leading the charge.  Callinan was able to break free from the Woburn defense and score unassisted to make it two to one in favor of the Tigers.  With the Tigers goal, Woburn responded six minutes later and scored their second goal of the game to tie the game two-two.  With the game tied, Woburn picked up the pace and pressured the Tigers defense of Julie Figucia, Mackenzie Dawson and Caitlyn Finnegan. Robillard continued to turn away the Woburn shots.  With the half ending the Tigers walked off the field tied 2-2.  
 With the start of the second half the Tigers started with possession of the ball and Marykate Callinan quickly placed a shot on net only to miss wide.  With the continued back and forth battles Woburn was able to move the ball down field and cross the ball to an open winger who netted Woburn’s third goal past Jade Owirka who was now playing goalkeeper for the Tiger.  With Woburn taking the lead three to two, the Tigers fought hard with Callinan again leading the charge.  Marykate Callinan was able to net the Tigers third goal half way through the second half with help coming from Klara Holden and Caitlyn Finnegan on the assist.  With the game tied, the Tigers continued to battle back and fight for possession of the ball.  Callinan was able to place a hard shot on net that was turned away by the Woburn goalkeeper.    Owirka was able to make several key save to keep Woburn off the board.  With seven minutes remaining in the game Hannah Leydon was able to collect the ball at the top of the penalty box and place a shot to the right side of the net past the reach of the Woburn goalkeeper to put the Tiger's back on top four to three.  Woburn countered again with a push towards the Tigers net and placed a shot over Owirka to tie the game at four.  With six minutes remaining in the game the Tigers fought to score.  The tight Woburn defense turned the Tigers advances away.  With the last drive of the game, Woburn tried to sneak two shots past Owirka who stopped both advance.  With whistle sounding, the Tigers walked off the field tied 4-4.  The Tigers are coached by: Sean Sweeney, Jason Williams and Joe Dawson.

GU10-5 Tewksbury 5- Wakefield 1
The Tewksbury Girls U10-5 team, a.k.a "Soccer Stars", played Wakefield winning 5-1.  There was a great effort by the entire team across all field positions.  Goals were scored by Kelli Anderson, Delia Conte (2), Abigail Dick, and Makayla Melanson.  There was also strong performances from Gianna Flynn defensively, Alexandria Civitarese in forward, and Alexis Rooney in net.

Tewksbury GU10-2  4 vs  Woburn GU10-2 2
The Tewksbury GU10-2, Thunder headed to Woburn to play their third game of the season. The Tewksbury girls came to the game energized and when the whistle blew hustled to dominate play and keep the ball in their possession. Left defensive back, Megan Cunningham helped Tewksbury get into scoring position early in the game. At the 2:45 mark, Megan made a great defensive play that gave her the ball and room to dribble up field. Megan set up a good pass and put the ball into the corner for left wing, Alyssa Adams. Alyssa positioned herself and put up a beautiful cross about 12 yards out in front of the goal. Center, Carrina Barron moved quickly and took a shot that blasted by the Woburn goalie and gave Tewksbury the early 1-0 lead.
Woburn did not make things easy for the Thunder.  Possession seesawed between both teams. Tewksbury's offensive unit of Ava Paquette, Leah Casey and Mackenzie Hickey kept the Woburn goalie busy with several nice shot s on net and hard offensive attacks during  1st half play. On defense, Darya Mehrabani, Alex Fillmore, Brooklynn DeGrechie and Megan Cunningham stayed cool under pressure and worked well to turn away any Woburn offensive attacks. While Tewksbury goalie, Avery Della Piana put the stop on Woburn's shots on net. At the 12 minute mark, Woburn got their break when they earned a direct kick inside the 18 off a Tewksbury penalty. Woburn took the kick and the Tewksbury defense denied them on their  1st attempt. However, the ball rebounded into play and Woburn took the 2nd shot and squeezed it through the Tewksbury defense to score the goal and tie the game 1-1. Tewksbury came back to midfield after the goal fired up and ready to answer back. Center, Carrina Barron took the kickoff and passed the ball to right wing, Alana Price. With the ball, Alana was off to the races as she kept her head up and quickly dribbled past the Woburn defense leaving herself a breakaway. Alana got the Woburn goalie to move and took a shot that sent the ball sailing into the back of the net giving Tewksbury a 2-1 lead. 
Starting 2nd half play, Woburn tightened up their defense and limited Tewksbury's scoring chances. Brooklynn DeGrechie  worked hard up front and had a couple of nice scoring attempts. Avery Della Piana played tough on defense and denied Woburn a few attacking runs up the side.  The Thunder continued to play well but Woburn kept working to stay in the game.  Woburn took advantage of a quick transfer in possession in their offensive zone that  left a gap in the Tewksbury defense and a wide open goal to score and tie the game 2-2. The Thunder would not let the goal shake them and turned up the offensive pressure. At 18 minutes in the half, Alana Price had the ball in the Tewksbury offensive zone and put through a great pass to center Carrina Barron. Carron made a move past the Woburn defender and took the shot to score her 2nd goal of the game and take a 3-2 lead. Only minutes later, Woburn tried to move the ball up the middle in their defensive zone. Carrina focused in on the defender with the ball and  took her one on one and came up with the steal.   Carrina set herself up to beat the last defender and ripped a hard shot past the Woburn goalie to notch her 3rd goal of the game for a hat-trick and to extend the Tewksbury's lead 4-2.  Tewksbury goalie, Megan Cunningham made a couple of last minute saves and preserved the win over Woburn for the Tewksbury Thunder.
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