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LETTER: 2nd Essex-Middlesex District Can't Afford L'Italien

Sep 29, 2014 09:55AM ● By Bill Gilman

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

The hard working, tax-paying constituents of the Second Essex Middlesex District can’t afford Barbara L’Italien. Her eight plus years as a state representative only brought higher taxes and more debt to the Commonwealth. This includes her April 2009 vote to raise the sales tax by 25% along with her consistent opposition to a sales tax holiday on the second weekend in August. The sales tax increase not only puts more of a burden on the consumer, it hurts local businesses because would-be customers flee the exorbitant Massachusetts tax-rate for the business friendly, sales-tax free New Hampshire.

In addition to raising our taxes, Ms. L’Italien owes $7, 618.58 in back income taxes from her job she received in the Treasurer’s office after she lost to Jim Lyons in 2010. What makes this tax situation even more suspicious is amidst her $7,000+ owed to the Commonwealth, she was still somehow loaned $13,000 to her State Senate campaign. Barbara L’Italien claims that she is “working together for people over partisanship” but her votes and her failure to do her duty as a citizen of Massachusetts proves time and time again that she isn’t in this for the constituents, Barbara L’Italien is in this for Barabra L’Italien.

Thank you,

Alec DiFruscia 

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