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Campaign 2014: Miceli Says He Can Still Do The Job And Make A Difference

Oct 21, 2014 12:40AM ● By Bill Gilman
(Editor's note: Your Tewksbury Today's coverage of Campaign 2014 is sponsored by Jon Ryan's Pub's, Where Fresh is the Standard, with locations in Tewksbury and Billerica.)

At 79 years old and having served 36 years in the Legislature, why is state Rep. Jim Miceli, D-Wilmington, running for re-election again?
Miceli doesn't mind the question. In fact, he admits he goes through a process, taking into account multiple factors, every two years before making the decision whether or not to take out nomination papers again.
"Every two years I come to a decision," he said. "Can I (still) do the job as well as I've been able to? Am I still able to do what I've been doing?"
This year, once again, Miceli answered those questions with a strong "Yes."
Miceli said he is proud of the job he has done for the past 36 years and credits the relationships he has built locally and on Beacon Hill for helping him effectively serve Wilmington and Tewksbury.
"I really can get a lot done (for the towns)," said Miceli. "I'm able to work well with local officials. In fact the school committee came to me earlier this year and asked if there were a couple of things I could get in the budget, which I did. And then Gov. Patrick vetoed them but I was able to get the votes to override his veto.
"The bottom line is I like working with people and I like helping people. And the public seems to think I'm doing a good job. I keep getting re-elected and by a pretty good margin."
Miceli's re-election bid this year is a rematch of his 2012 election vs. Republican Doug Sears of Tewksbury. Miceli is hoping for a repeat of his nearly 3-to-1 margin of victory from two years ago.
Miceli has been described as a Conservative Democrat. He supports casino gambling in Massachusetts, supports the death penalty and tougher immigration enforcement. He is Pro-Life and voted in favor of a Constitutional amendment defining marriage as being between one man and one woman.
In his years on Beacon Hill, Miceli has worked with seven different governors. If re-elected, he'll be working with an eighth, either Republican Charlie Baker or Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley.
"I know both individuals and I've worked with both," said Miceli. "I've known Martha Coakley for a number of years and I worked closely with Charlie Baker when he was Secretary of Administration and Finance. The bottom line is I don't have to build relationships, I already have them."
Miceli balks at the notion that he might represent his hometown of Wilmington, where he served as a selectman for 12 years, with more passion than he represents Tewksbury.
"I have a vested interest in Tewksbury," he said. "My daughter and her husband and my grandchildren live in Tewksbury. In fact, I convinced her to move there. It's a great town with great people."


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