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Storm Causes Widespread Flooding, Power Outages

Oct 23, 2014 10:38AM ● By Bill Gilman

Victor Drive, the access road to the Wynn School, was flooded over Thursday morning. Photo Courtesy of Rachel Bradley.

Winter is still two months away but Tewksbury High has already experienced its first delayed opening of the year and drivers have dealt with their first nightmare rush hour.
In this case, the culprit wasn't snow but a driving rain storm, complete with high winds, which caused scattered power outages and flooding on roads from one end of town to the other.
The storm knocked out power Wednesday night to around 400 National grid customers in the area of Whipple Road and Pleasant Street, including Tewksbury High. Crews were still working to restore power to that area Thursday morning, resulting in a two-hour delay for the high school.
Another school experiencing difficulty this morning was the Wynn Middle School. as the heavy rains continued through the morning commute, buses and other vehicles found themselves driving through a flooded-over Victor Drive.
Sections of Route 38 and the area around the already dangerous intersection of Shawsheen and Main Streets also experienced severe flooding.
In addition to minor accidents, several stalled vehicles were also reported.
Here is a sampling of the reports provided by Your Tewksbury Today readers on our Facebook Page:

Lauren Cale Cunningham The marshy area on 38 near power line road is pretty deep, and 38 at Cappellini's is even worse. Drive SLOWLY.

Kim Mandosa Mance The bottom of the Rte. 133 exit off 495 South was pretty bad. Very deep water and car stalled out at 7:30 this morning

Miranda Robinson Allen Dascomb Rd at 93 was pretty bad with one car stalled out.

Alison Kelly Bradley many areas along Rt. 38 had flooding.

Dirk Anderson 38, drive slow. At 6:15 am there were a couple of dead vehicles in the road between Tewksbury and Wilmington. I'm betting there have been and will be more. Some deep water.

Kelly Ashe Verrill It was pretty deep on shawsheen next to the shell station near Oakdale mall.

Terrijoan Marden Bello The Wynn should have had a delay or closure. Would have been better taking my daughter to school in a canoe.

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