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Wicked Cheesy Is Moving -- And Getting Even Cheesier!

Oct 29, 2014 02:13PM ● By Bill Gilman
When Brian Schofield opened Wicked Cheesy eight years ago, he had a vision for the type of restaurant he wanted to offer his customers.
Now he feels like he has the location to bring that vision to fruition.
Earlier this month, Schofield closed the familiar Wicked Cheesy location at 725 Main St. and began work on a new location for the restaurant at 1079 Main St. in the Galloway's Plaza in the town center.
"Our lease was expiring on Oct. 15 and the owners (S and C Trust) were looking to sell the property. They didn't want to be landlords anymore," said Schofield. "We actually had a deal in place to buy the property but at the 11th hour it fell through."
In Schofield's view, the fact that the plan to purchase the 725 Main St. property may have been a blessing. He reached out to the owners of Galloway's Plaza (Thea Anixi LLC), who had approached him in the past about relocating.
"They were the first property approved (for improvements) under the new Downtown Village Overlay District about 18 months ago," said Schofield. "Under the overlay district, they were allowed to bring in a restaurant and they wanted someone established in the community."
Schofield believes the locations for his vision of Wicked Cheesy. The restaurant will have a cathedral ceiling and what Schofield describes as an "industrial" feel to the design. An open kitchen concept will put the giant pizza oven front and center and increased floor space in the kitchen will provide employees with plenty of work space.
"It will be good for the employees but it will also be good for the customers. The work flow will be better and the wait time in line will be less," said Schofield.
The dining area of restaurant, which will be separated from the counter area, will seat 40, roughly the same size as the old location. The arcade area will be slightly larger and the entire section will have multiple TV/Video screens.
In addition, there will be a small patio area that will seat about 10 people outdoors in the good weather. While Wicked Cheesy will continue to serve alcohol, the liquor license is limited to the interior of the restaurant.
The design for the new restaurant was developed by the firm "Just Draw It", which has done designs for other pizzerias in the Boston area. Combined with the landscaping work being done by the plaza owners, Schofield thinks customers will love the new look.
"The inside and outside will have a better look, a better feel," he said. "Our clientele appreciates 
the quality we put into our food. We want to give them a better atmosphere."
As enthusiastic as Schofield is about the new location, it pales in comparison to the excitement he displays when talking about the new Wicked Cheesy menu, which will be ... well, cheesier.
"The concept of the restaurant is evolving," said Schofield. "We're bringing in 10 different cheeses to add to the menu. We think people will like being able to choose from 10 cheeses to have on their sandwich, as opposed to just two."
Schofield also plans to feature an "imported cheese of the month." The first one will be Buffalo Mozzarella, when the restaurant re-opens for business in November.
He also plans to test the eating prowess of his customers with a new "Pizza Challenge." 
"We're going to have the cheesiest pizza in the world --  a five-pound cheese pizza," he said with a smile. "If someone can finish that in one sitting, they'll get some type of a prize."
In addition to making their own Mozzarella, Schofield and his team will also be making their own single-serving cheesecakes for sale at the restaurant. The cheesecakes will be made and served in Mason jars and will come in various flavors.
"When we started out, we always were looking to be a little bit more than a pizza shop," said Schofield. "We always had the 'cheese thing' idea but we really didn't have the set-up to do it. Now we feel we have the situation we can offer something special."
Schofield has not yet set a date for the re-opening of the restaurant but expects to have an announcement in the next couple of weeks.

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