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TBBL Roundup: 6th Grade Red, 8th Grade White Take Hood Tournament Titles

Dec 09, 2014 02:42PM ● By Bill Gilman

Tewksbury White 8th Grade Team.

(Editor's note: The following information was submitted by the coaches and administrators of the Tewksbury Boys' Basketball League.)

Hood Tournament

While many were taking advantage of Black Friday deals last week, Tewksbury Boys Basketball League hosted the 2014 Officer James Hood Tournament over the long weekend.  More than 40 teams from the surrounding area came to Tewksbury to compete in the tournament.  Travel teams in grades 4 through 8 competed in some outstanding basketball games throughout the weekend, culminating in 7 different champions - 1 at grades 4, 5, and 7 and 2 at grades 6 and 8 where there were two levels of competition.

Tewksbury teams represented their home community well, with a Tewksbury team in the championship game of every division at every grade level other than 5th grade.  In the end, 2 of our teams brought home the big prize with Tim White's 6th Grade Red team winning the A division of that level and Scott Tyler's 8th Grade White team winning the B division of their level.

Feedback from the tournament has been overwhelmingly positive from the visiting teams, particularly with regards to the excellent facilities at our Ryan, Wynn, and High Schools.

Junior Division

Pacers 26 - Celtics 24

The Pacers started out with some great offensive rebounds from Scott Miller who scored 6 points to go along with them, along with some nice shooting from Nick Degloria who also contributed 6 points as well.  These points were the result of some great ball moving from Nathan Petrone and Lucas Adams.  As the 1st half came to an end, the Pacers found themselves trailing the Celtics.  In the 2nd half, some adjustments were made and paid off for the Pacers.  Billy Burris contributed 4 points and two great steals to set up William Humphrey who also had 6 points in the game, two of them coming up big in the 4th quarter.  Daniel Richardson made some aggressive defensive plays to set up Timmy Lepore who rounded out the score with 2 points.  With just over a minute left, the Pacers made three key baskets as the clock was running down helping to secure the victory for them. It was a great game all around for both teams playing strong to the finish.

The Tewksbury Junior Celtics suffered a tough loss to the Pacers, 26-24.  The Pacers pressure defense late in the game turned out to be the difference when the clock ran out.  The Celtics had a well-balanced attack with six players recording points.  Pouriya Mehrabani lead the Celtics with six points and he was supported by Peter Impink, Romyn Lorick, Shane Nickerson, and Adam Saad who scored four points each and Matthew Flynn who chipped in with two points.  Nicholas Ingersoll had an assist and three rebounds.  Cade Barron pulled in five rebounds while Max Mattuchio added three rebounds and Jacob Mellen one rebound.

Cavs 15 – Heat 9

The Cavaliers competed in a great battle against the Heat this week.  The Heat really gave the Cavaliers a run!  Jonah Bennet showed one of the most impressive displays of sportsmanship that I have seen in Youth Basketball. He got hit in the face with the ball and fell to the floor.  The Heat Player that was defending him also fell to the floor in the collision.  When they both got up, Jonah was more concerned about the Heat player being ok than himself.  Congratulations to Jake Ryan for earning the game ball this week for pressing the tempo of the game.   Kyle Adams and Big Joe Romero ripped down rebound after rebound, with Kyle hitting a key free throw.  Zack Sullivan and Cam Heichman played a very tight defense, tying up most of the loose balls.  Sean Hirtle played his best defensive game of the year, while Andre Monteiro delivered key baskets for four points throughout the game. Joey Bourgea also added four points while Anthony Burgess put up five points and led the fast break attack.

In week four action, the Cavaliers took on the Heat in a hard fought game.  In the first half the Heat were able to keep up with the Cav’s with strong defense by Jack Baron, Matthew Stadtman and Ryan Fuedo.  The Heat continued to rebound the ball well on both sides of the court.  Kenny ryder and Colin Hansbury did a great job on the defensive board, while Eric Bellavia, Sudeep Chitrothu and Jacob Martel were able to fight for rebounds on the offensive end resulting in a lot of second chances.  Unfortunately, the ball didn’t fall in for the Heat.  The only points scored in the first half were four from Timmy Bradley and one point from Eric Bellavia.  In the second half the Heat continued to battle with the Cavaliers.  The entire team played hard on both sides of the ball, but the Cavaliers were able to pull away late in the game.  Behind tenacious defense by the Cavaliers the Heat were only able to put up four more points in the second half by the outside shooting of Timmy Bradley. The end result was the Cavaliers 14 and the Heat 9.  The Heat looks forward to another competitive game next week against the Thunder at 2:00 P.M.

T-wolves 24 - Sixers 8

The T-Wolves won their fourth game of the season to remain undefeated, 24-8.  The T-Wolves played a very up tempo and aggressive game against the Sixers which led to several fast beak points.  Brothers AJ and Umari Seney led the T-Wolves in scoring while Vincent Marchellette and Wyatt Lafevre added points the to help secure the victory.  Owen Kinnon, Colby Flahive and Evan Galanis contributed with assists while Joey Fiorino picked up the defense at the end of the floor.  The ball movement on offense and fierce defense have the T- Wolves playing extremely well at this point in the season.

The Sixers started off the game with a lot of great defense, also scoring the first basket of the game from Drew Rennell. Aj Loder scored one in the second and Jack Rennell, two more in the third. A lot of shots from Alex DelloRusso, Nick Alvarado and Ryan Benchater that just couldn’t find the bottom of the net but kept the pressure on the T-wolves. Ryan Murphy, Santino D'Ippolito, and Eddie Galante gave it all they had to try to win this game at both ends of the floor. In the end the T-wolves outscored the Sixers 24- 8.

Thunder 24 - Rockets 14 

The Thunder had a very fun and exciting game against the Rockets as both teams where short on players but all played hard.  The Thunder came out on fire taking a 10-0 lead and never let up as they did not want to drop their fourth game in after being defeated the first 3 weeks by just 2 points in each game.  The Thunder played as a team with strong defense and excellent passing.  The game ball was giving to the entire team for their outstanding overall team play.  Leading scorers for the Thunder were Luke Montejo and Damian Ortiz with eight points each, followed by Ryan Flynn and Nico Gonzalez who pocketed four points each and Michael Gaglione who chipped in with two points while displaying excellent ball handling skills and playing great defense!  Paul Allen and Nathan Jolly had some excellent shots and played great defense by coming up with several steals that helped contribute to the Thunder’s first win of the season. 

After a slow start, trailing 10-0 after two play periods, the Rockets came alive, scoring 6 without giving up any points in the third play period, tightening up the game. The Rockets played very good defense led by Justin Darrigo, Daniel Sullivan, Colin Quinn and David Forgione. Offensively, the Rockets had five players get in the scoring column. The offense was led by Justin Darrigo’s six points, followed up by David Forgione, Drew Nestor, Ryan MacKeen and Danny Franklin who all scored two points each. Doing an excellent job rebounding for the Rockets were Jonathan Bielecki, Danny Franklin and Ryan MacKeen. Quinn Brown did an excellent job dribbling, passing and getting good shots off that just wouldn’t drop for him.

Knicks 18 - Bucks 10

In a very competitive game this weekend, the Knicks topped the Bucks 18-10 on Saturday.  The Knicks offense was once again led by Justin Magee who scored six points, including some very clutch free throws. John O'Donnell also had his most productive offensive game of the year by contributing four points.  Adding to the offensive output were Jayden Donaher, Ben Piccolo, and Seamus MacDonald who all added 2 points each. Braydon Aylward had a terrific game and scored his first basket of the year.  The defense, was once again paced by Scott Lightburn, denying the ball while grabbing some very tough rebounds as well.  Colin Giguere also helped to control the defensive boards while James Carroll and Ethan Hines played tough man to man defense throughout the game. Overall, it was a great team win for the Knicks.

The Bucks continue to play hard and continue to improve dispute another tough loss this week.  The Bucks were led on the defensive end of the floor by Ryan Thompson, Garrett McNulty and Alex Grove. Chandler Dubey showed great ball control with two assists while Connor Broderick had two points and multiple offensive rebounds.  Blake Ryder and Zachary Hayes both contributed two points each along with great offensive and defensive rebounds. Morgan Dunham was an animal on the glass, coming up with multiple defensive rebounds.  Simon Dunham rounded out the scoring for the Bucks with two points to go along with a great defensive game. PJ Civitarese continues to run the offense with his great ball handling. 

Pistons 24 - Hawks 15    

The Pistons had a great win against the Hawks in their fourth game of the season on Saturday.  The Pistons did a great job spreading their offense around with seven players contributing to the scoring.  Kyle Cummings led the Pistons with eight points and Mathew Ramsey was close behind with six points were both players were especially effective.  The majority of the Pistons’ scoring came as a result of some great passes by Jason Morris and Ian Shpritzer who also scored two points while Anthony Naghibi, who also contributed 2 points, drove the ball multiple times to test the middle of the Hawk’s defense.  On defense the Piston’s had some great rebounding by Shea Moynihan, two points, and Aaron Ramsey, 2 points, while Colin Caggiano, Aiden Leal and Alex Naghibi, two points, all had key steals that prevented the Hawks from staging a late game comeback.  This was an impressive win for the Pistons with solid all around play.

The Hawks as a team were defensive dynamos today keeping the game close despite playing with just 5 players.  Aidan MacDonald lead the scoring with 9 points, while also contributing four steals and three blocked shots.  Andrew Estabrook added four points, three rebounds and two very good drives to the hoop as the point guard.  Seamus Naughton made several strong passes to earn three assists.  Brady Wheeler had his best performance of the season by contributing four rebounds, one blocked shot and playing shutdown defense. Brandon Waddell protected the defensive side of the court by blocking several shots, grabbing the rebound and then bringing the ball down court to create scoring opportunities.

Intermediate Division

Lakers 19 – Warriors 13

The Lakers played the Warriors in this intermediate match-up.  Getting the game going for the Lakers was Sean Fahey (6pts) and James Ministeri (4pts) with great aggressive play.  The Lakers kept up the good play with good passing and rebounding by Brian Doherty (1 pt) and Nick Wilson (2pts).  Mihir Bagul (2 pts) and Evan Silva (4pts) rounded out the scoring for the Lakers. Nick Bobadilla was a tremendous force on both sides of the ball with good steals and passing.  Aiden Crawson and Will Forbes each had great rebounds to keep the highly talented Warriors from scoring lots of points.

Mavs 42 – Cavs 10

The Mavs had a big day Saturday and played great team ball to beat the Cavs 42 - 10. Leading the way for the Mavs were Nick Johnson and Derek Wilkinson each scoring 12 points. Dylan Dufresne (6pts), Logan Teixeira (4 pts), Paul Tower (4 pts), Justin Charlton (2 pts) and Jake Pellitier (2pts) rounded out the scoring. Alex Johnson and Josh Astuti gave another strong game to help hold off the Cavs.

Nets 26 – Sixers 22

The Nets entered the game in a Turkey-tryptophan fog, and fell behind in the first half, managing only 6 points.  Logan Auth was the only bright spot in the first half pouring in all of those 6 points, while playing shut-down defense throughout the entire game.  The Nets came out firing in the 3rd quarter to re-take the lead on the backs of strong guard play by Dan Lightfoot and Brandon Wood (6 points each).  Robert Cortes added a bucket and several rebounds as he and Josh Engelken patrolled the paint.  Sam Hines added some key steals and rebounds to slow the Sixers offensive attack.  Jack Panilaitis added a hoop himself while using his great floor vision to distribute the ball to his teammates from the point.  Connor McFadyen closed out the game with 2 late scores with his box score of 4 points being the margin of victory in this hard fought win.

The Sixers were led in scoring by Sean Kaiser with 13 points, followed by Robert Ryan, Ryan Rosenberg and Ryan Fraser with two points each. Eric Impink added one point from the foul line. Playing strong on defense were Henry Pestana, Trevor Trodden, and Billy Erickson.

Celtics 39 – Spurs 37

After starting 1-0 on the season then losing 2 straight the Celtics were looking to get back in the win column. Facing a very tough Spurs team, the Celtics jumped out early with the lead.  As the game progressed, the Spurs started to pull away up 5 in the fourth quarter. With great teamwork and defense the Celtics got the lead back on a crucial combination steal by Mark Bradley and Alex Newcomb. They performed well with 25 seconds left on an inbound play and held the ball with great passing to win the game 39 to 37 in a nail biter. Being short-handed, Mark Bradley played some crucial minutes leading the way with 19 points followed by 8 from Jason Donaher. Felix Navarette and John Cuccinotta contributed 4 each. Alex contributed with 2 of his own and gave it his all which contributed to a lot of rebounds and steals. Cole Kimtis at point guard had some good passes and great defense. Seamus Cunningham and Liam McDermott each played extra minutes and contributed to the team with good defense and good passes opening up good shots for their teammates. An overall good team effort to win a close one.

Senior Division

Jazz 35 – Thunder 34

The Jazz won a nail biter against a good shooting Thunder team. Leading the way for the offense was Derek Wallace (10 pts), Nate Wilkinson (8pts), Josh Donaher (7 pts), James Kochakian (6pts), and Gustavo Tizzotti and Tyler Demers each adding 2 points. Bricen Boudreault had a few big steals along with big rebounds from Matt Pellitier to help hold off the Thunder.

Wizards 28 – Bobcats 27

The Wizards played their best game of the season against the Bobcats who are a strong team. The Wizards were able to answer the call and take an early first half lead by the score of 12-8. Scoring in the first half came from Adam Trudeau, Stephen Duquette and Logan Singleton. Every rebound came from extensive efforts from Seam McMahon, Ian Tacey, Stephen Duquette and Logan Singleton which helped in limiting the opponent’s offensive opportunities and extended the Wizards scoring chances. The Wizards distributed the ball well with great passing and decision making from Alec Sokol, Calvin Silva, Nicholas Brooks and Dominic Cohen. Dominic, Nicholas, Calvin and Alec also shined on defense providing pressure to the opponents’ offense during critical times of the game. As time was winding down during regulation the Bobcats were able to come back and tie the game forcing overtime. In overtime the Wizards stepped up with the help of Sean McMahon scoring 3 pts to take the lead for the Wizards but with 12 seconds left on the clock the Bobcats emerged with the lead once again. The Wizards had one final play and were able to take 3 shots within that span of time and with all of the commotion around the basket Ian Tacey found a way to put up the final shot as time expired and scored a basket winning the game for the Wizards.

Bulls 40 – Celtics 37

Hornets 54 – Suns 30

Heat 49 – Bucks 32

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