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Tewksbury High Students Earn Adams Scholarships

Dec 11, 2014 05:11PM ● By Bill Gilman

Tewksbury High students are recognized for earning the Adams Scholarships.

The following Tewksbury Memorial High School students are recipients of the John & Abigail Adams Scholarships.
The scholarships are awarded to Massachusetts public high school students who place in the top 25 percent of their class in the MCAS exams.
The scholarship pays for 100 percent of the student's tuition if the student attends at college in the Massachusetts State College system. However, the scholarship does not cover the cost of fees.

TMHS Adams Scholarship Winners:







Marcos Aguilar

Megan Johnston

Olivia Kaplan

Monica Aronson

Colleen Kelly

Michael Baker

Eva Barinelli

Rebecca Keough

Kerrin Mangan

Melanie Bartevyan

Jared Martin

Carina Berglund

Amber Nguyen

Andrew Nguyen

Amanda Brown

Amber Ouellette

Meredith Cahill

Thomas Casey

Grady Cashman

Kyle Paquette

Emilee Clapp

Ryan Petti

Matthew Cocca

Colin Quinn

Brian Conneely

Benjamin Rauseo

Kasey Connors

Devin Rich

Brendan Cooke

Kate Roche

Rachel Santosuosso

Michelle Creedon

Dylan Crupi

Calvin Satterfield

Corinne Doyle

Carlye Slavin

Samantha Durant

Devin Souza

Kailey Durante

Jessica Staffieri

Jordan Ezekiel

James Sullivan

Michael Famiglietti

Bryan Tam

Valerie Fischer

Ronald Tam

Lydia Florino

Haley Tierrien

Mikhaela Flynn

Joshua Walker

Alexa Forgione

Andrew Wallace

Dimple Gandhi

Erin Walsh

Jenna Gillis

Katelyn Wentworth

Jessica Guida

Justin Whitehouse

Craig Harkins

Jennifer Yaing


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