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Former Middlesex Assistant District Attorney Charged With Trading Information For Drugs

Jan 08, 2015 05:16PM ● By Bill Gilman

A grand jury has indicted former Middlesex County Assistant District Attorney Stephen Gilpatric on corruption charges connected to an addiction to prescription pain medication.

Gilpatric, 35, is expected to be arraigned Friday morning in Woburn Superior Court, a building he has tried hundreds of cases in between November 2007 to October 2014. He faces charges of unlawful gratuity, unlawfully communicating criminal offender record information, and receiving unlawful compensation.

Prosecutors allege Gilpatric had an addiction to oxycodone that cost him hundreds of dollars a week. He is accused of giving confidential information he had access to as an ADA, to his drug dealer in exchange for oxycodone pills. These exchanges took place in October, 2011, according to Attorney General Martha Coakley.

“Our employees hold important positions of public trust and we take immediate action when that trust may have been violated," said Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan. "Upon being informed about the investigation by the Attorney General’s Office in late October 2014, we suspended Stephen Gilpatric without pay and took measures to secure his computer and office area.  As of Nov. 11, Gilpatric was no longer employed by this office."

The information that allegedly changed hands included a Board of Probation record, a photograph, a police report, and other personal information. Coakley said Gilpatric also gave his drug dealer an organizational chart of a drug ring and a criminal record, hoping to get additional pills

According to Ryan, none of the cases Gilpatric was prosecuting or had prosecuted were compromised by his alleged actions, as the information he provided was unrelated to his personal work.

"The cases Gilpatric had been handling are now being prosecuted by other Assistant District Attorneys in our office," said Ryan. "The Attorney General’s Office has told us that the information Gilpatric allegedly provided to outside sources was unrelated to any criminal cases he was investigating or prosecuting and that the alleged criminal conduct did not occur after 2011." 

Ryan also used the Gilpatric's fall from grace as an example of the damaged done by substance abuse that that addiction impacts all demographics.

"Clearly, the activities that Gilpatric is alleged to have engaged in would be a violation of confidentiality laws," she said. "That being said, the unfortunate situation is that substance abuse affects people in all walks of life and sadly, as we have seen in many cases, illegal drug use often leads people to make bad decisions.”


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