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TGBL Roundup: Suns Heat Up Against Sonics, Eagles Fall Short to Cougars

Jan 22, 2015 08:00AM ● By Kieran Gilman
(Editor's Note: The following information was submitted by the administrators of the TGBL.)

Junior League

Storm 10, Liberty 22  

Team Storm played a hard fought game through 3 quarters but team Liberty just had to much power as they pulled away with the win.  Storm leading scorer this week was Paige Ouellett who tossed in 6 points and Grace Dockery with 4 points. Madison Kearney and Gianna Ciampa contributed to the offensive scoring with some key steals and passing. On the defensive side of the ball Madelyn Montejo and Erin Morgan pulled down some big rebounds and would not let Liberty get second chances off the boards.  Alyassa Wallace and Brooke Bunyan played exceptionally will on both sides of the court.  With no game coming up this week Team Storm will focus on its next game vs the Sparks.

Sparks vs. Comets 

The Sparks continued their good play this season with a victory over the Comets on Saturday. The ball passing form their guards Emily, Lauren, and Lindsey was outstanding. It set up many of their players with good shots. Madison, Caleigh, Carrina, Maisan, Aliana and Nicole all took advantage and scored.

Rockers 12, Monarchs 13

The Rockers and Monarchs were well matched for the entire game.  Rockers forwards Sadie Basile, Isabella DeSisto and Erica Hinkle helped defend the key against the talented Monarch offense.  Guards Maeve Cahill and Victoria Catanzano put pressure on the opposing guards.  Isabella DeMatos had 4 points from drives to the hoop.  Darya Mehrabani had 4 points from good shots in the key.  Gabby Navarette scored 2 points on a rebound, and Kiley Kennedy score a basket from the top of the key.

Intermediate League

Cougars 34, Eagles 21

The Eagles held on for a majority of the game but simply fell short to the Cougars.  Gianna Ragucci led all scorers with 10 points (6 from the free throw line).  Additional scoring was recorded from Alexa Harrington (5), Alexis Foley (4), and Brianna Iandoli (2).  Coming off the bench with strong rebounding was Emma Fleming securing several on both ends of the court.  Maegan Marshall was extremely solid in the center role, a role that she doesn't usually play.  Jaime Burns had some shot attempts while hustling her way through 3 quarters.  Another strong outing on the defensive end was exhibited by Rose Strobel, garnering some rebounds and generating some key turnovers.  The Soaring Eagles continue to show great teamwork on and off the court.

Cougars 34, Eagles 21

The Cougars played very well against the Eagles and were able to pull out a very solid win.  Alexia Pinto played great and has really stepped up her game where we need her most, on defense.  Julia Kirby is so focused and is always trying her hardest for her teammates, she stopped many drives to the hoop by the Eagles.  Julie Figucia played great as a power forward and seems to thrive down low contributing 4 huge points.  Kristen Curley was everywhere blocking shots, stopping drives and rebounding while scoring 2 points.  Ally Hayley is doing very well handling the ball while learning the point guard position, she will be a big contributor down the stretch.  Mikaela Enax dropped 8 huge points and played great defense once again.  Stephanie Mercurio was unstoppable scoring 20 points in the game while controlling the tempo.  Great job girls!

The Waves continued to play very well together as a team winning 2 out of their last 3 games. Their teamwork and effort have really helped them become a well rounded team with contributions from all the girls.

Waves vs. Eagles (1/3/15)

Scoring: Asha Speller (13), Shannon Crowley (4), Alex Fowler (4), Adrianna Niles (4), Molly O'Neill (4). Outstanding defensive efforts by Alyssa Boudreau and Erin McIntyre, and terrific passing and assists from Melanie Crepeau. 

Waves vs. Terriers (1/10/15)
Scoring: Adrianna Niles (8), Alyssa Boudreau (6), Asha Speller (6), Erin McIntyre (2). Assists leaders were Alex Fowler and Molly O'Neill and shut down defense was the name of the game for Melanie Crepeau and Shannon Crowley

Waves vs. Wolverines 

Scoring: Asha Speller (11), Adrianna Niles (10), Erin McIntyre (4),  Alex Fowler (3), Alyssa Boudreau (2), Melanie Crepeau (2), Shannon Crowley (2).  Molly O'Neill was terrific on defense.

Senior League

Spurs 37, Pacers 26

The Pacers put in a strong effort against the #1 team but eventually ran out of steam for the 11 point loss. In the 1st the offense was clicking on 4-11 shooting with baskets coming from 4 different players to take a 9-7 lead. However in the 2nd quarter the Spurs were able to dig in on defense limiting the Pacers to only 3 points to go ahead 19-12 at the half.
Again in the 3rd the Pacers offense was clicking led by two baskets each by Kerry Shea and Emily Langone. Langone also had 3 steals and 2 assists in the quarter. The Pacers pulled within 1 point until a late basket gave the Spurs a three point lead entering the 4th. Again the Spurs kicked their offense into gear and pulled away. Early in the 4th the Pacers had several good looks by Elizabeth Lam and Marissa Ladderbush that just could not find the bottom of the net. Scoring for the Pacers were Shea with 7, Langone with 6, Isabella Beyloune and Lam with 4 each, Ladderbush with 3, and Kendall Donahoe with 2. Leading rebounders were Ladderbush with 7 and Lam with 4. Donahoe led the way with 5 blocked shots and Mercy Olu swatted 2. 

Sonics 13, Suns 33

Team Sonics just couldn’t get things off the ground today as the matched up a second time against the Suns.  Leading the offense today was Michaela Svendsen (9), Jessica Caredeo (2) and Erin Briley (2).   Defensive efforts by Abby Naughler, Stephanie Lemus & Madsison Bugley did not go unnoticed.  Christine Santos, Alexis Hillis and Alicia Barbeti all kept their heads in the game and worked hard until the final buzzer.

Jazz 28, Spurs 34 (1/10/15)

Becca Smith led the Jazz with (10) while Leanne Durham (5), Emily Chmela (4), Jordyn Cavicchi (4), Bianca Araya (2) and Izzy Picher (1) contributed to a close game.  Melissa Keeley, Hannah Maffeo and Helen Johnson played good defense against a very tough Spurs team.

Jazz 21, Blazers 19

The Jazz remained calm and focused pulling out a win in another nail biter against a tough Blazers team.  Jordyn Cavicchi (5) led the team in the first quarter and the Jazz never looked back.  Emily Chmela (4), Izzy Picher (4), Leanne Durham (4), Becca Smith (2), and Christa Davis (2) kept the Jazz momentum going throughout the rest of the game.  On defense: mental and physical toughness along with the ability to read the play, Grace Morris, Melissa Keeley, Helen Johnson, and Bianca Araya broke up the Blazers offense time and time again.

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