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VIDEO: Classic Couple Valentine's Day Contest Entires

Feb 14, 2015 10:43AM ● By Bill Gilman
Our Valentine's Day "Classic Couple" Contest produced some wonderful entries. They were touching and adorable and heartfelt.
Below, you will find a video presentation of our entrants, with musical accompaniment by the great John Legend.
Here's what our entrants had to say about their significant others:

Karyn and John Sliva 
"Married 30 years this August but have known each other since we were 16.  ALWAYS been friends FIRST and that is the classic couple denominator."

Hollie and Jose Gonzalez
"Fell in love, married, kids...  Miss the date nights, sleeping in, romance...Wouldn't change the crying, diapers, homework, or practices.  Classic well, it's our family."

James Duffy and his fiancee Jessica
"We are engaged to get married in August. We just bought a house in Tewksbury. She’s the absolute love of my life! Could use getaway!"

Ashley and Andrew Turner
"My husband is a one of a kind Classic. Andrew Turner. If I don't win anything I would like you to know that this man has stuck by me through tremendous a mouth of stress, health situations. He has been through it all will me. On top of being a great husband he is the only man childrens to has as a father! He's simple in a great way but also very complex. He's just perfect, I don't deserve so much love!"

David and Allison Crisci
"The word "classic" means "recognized value". And that is what we see in each other after all these years, the value of true love."

Jay and Rebekah Bustin
My wife and I delight in each other's idiosyncrasies. "

Sharon and Arthur Pino
"Arthur and I have been married 20 years we have five wonderful children who make us proud everyday. Valentines Day is about love in a life is about love."

Elaine and Roger Caron
"Married 30 years, through good and bad, we have stuck by each other.  The strength is in our differences, which keeps us together."

Harry and Cathy Driscoll
"Married 59 years - still happy!! 6 great children, 12 awesome grandkids, and 2 amazing greatgrandkids Just 2 hard working, loving people who stick it out through good and bad!"

Pam and Franco
"We will be together 30 years this valentines. I married my best friend and love of my life. We are together for better or worse for life."

Colleen and Artie Moulton
"My husband and I have been together almost 23 years and have always been there for each other,  love, respect and have many laughs together!"

Kylee and Tim
"My fiancé and I are getting married in May. We are the classic couple because: I cook, I clean and I make the rules and plan our schedules. He eats, makes a mess and forgets everything but we are so in love and a great balance ;)"

Dave and LaShanta
"After 10 years of no contact Dave and I connected back up last year, things have never been better! Every day I thank God for second chances!"

Thank you for all the entries. Check out the video below and Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

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