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Does This Tewksbury Teen Have A Chance To Have Katy Perry As A Prom Date? Well ...

Feb 23, 2015 04:24PM ● By Bill Gilman
Over the past few years, Shawsheen Tech's Bobby Nicholas has become something of an Internet sensation.
OK, "sensation" may be a bit strong of a word, but the Tewksbury teen certainly has been prolific, stocking his YouTube channel with dozens of self-produced videos featuring both his creativity and unique sense of humor and satire.
But recently, Nicholas, aka "Bobby J", has taken to using YouTube to improve his social life. Specifically, Nicholas wants to take Pop Princess Katy Perry to his Senior Prom, and he's produced a video, explaining all the reasons why she should say yes. He even has testimonials from friends.
Well, again, "friends" may be too strong a word.
Take a look at Nicholas' video (below) for yourself and share your opinion.
Do you think Katy Perry will go to the Prom with him?
Would you?
Click here to check out Bobby J's YouTube Channel and his remarkable videos.

Bobby Nicholas of Tewksbury issues a rather unusual Promposal to Pop Princess Katy Perry.

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