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TGBL Roundup: March Madness Begins, Seasons End

Mar 04, 2015 08:00AM ● By Kieran Gilman
Junior League

Storm 12, Liberty 14
Storm met Liberty in their 1st playoff game for the Girls In Town Jr. Basketball Division.  This game by far was the best game Storm had all year and it took an overtime to decide the winner.  Storm jumped out early on offense with some key baskets from Gianna Ciampa (6 points, 2 steals and 2 blocks).  These baskets were a result of some great passing from Madison Kearney (4 points, 3 steals) and Alyssa Wallace (2 steals, 1 block).   Also supporting the scoring was Paige Ouellett (2 points 2 steals, 1 block).  On Defnese, Madelyn Montejo (3 key re-bounds) and Kyla McGilvery (1 steal and 2 re-bounds) played an outstanding “man to man” coverage to keep the Liberty scoring down.  Team Storm only had 6 girls and all 6 girls played their heart out though 4 quarters plus 1 overtime quarter.  Final Score was Liberty 14 and Storm 12.  Hats off to Liberty, best of luck next week.  Storm will be back again next year!

Rockers 12 - Sparks 14
The Rockers got off to a great start in the first quarter.  Isabella DeSisto hit a shot from the block to put the Rockers on the scoreboard.  Guards Victoria Catanzano and Kiley Kennedy played great defense, putting pressure on the Spark guards.  Catanzano scored off of a turnover.  Darya Mehrabani played great defense in the key.  Gabrielle Navarette pulled down many rebounds, and earned herself a basket off an offensive rebound.  In the next quarter, the Rockers tried to hold the lead with good defense.  Sadie Basile continued her season of great defense, stopping baseline advances.  Guards Erica Hinkle and Maeve Cahill prevented penetration into the zone.  Isabella DeMatos was instrumental in helping Mehrabani defend the key.  The Rockers scored more in the 3rd quarter with DeMatos netting herself a basket and Kennedy nailing a baseline jumper.  The team was behind in the 4th quarter, but clawed back with Cahill sinking a shot from the foul line.  Time ran out before the Rockers could score again.  The Rockers showed true teamwork in their final game by passing unselfishly and by playing great team defense.  Fantastic job, girls! 

Sparks 14, Rockers 12
The Sparks won their playoff game on Saturday by defeating the Rockets 14 to 12. It was an exhausting game for both players and coaches. Both teams played good defense, as neither team could get much going on offense. Lindsey Lombardo, Lauren Bielecki, and Emily Tryder all did their part at guard to help get the win, playing good defense and stopping
them from scoring from outside. Caleigh Shanahan and Nicole Pitito blocked shots, rebounded the ball and caused many turnovers. Alaina Kennen played point guard and scored 6 points. Madison Stovesand scored a game high 8 points and played everywhere, including point guard. It's on to semi-finals in two weeks.

Monarchs 23, Comets 13
The Monarchs advanced to the second round of the Junior League playoffs with a solid victory over the Comets, 23-13. Leading the way was Katelyn Polimeno with her strong defense, clutch shooting (7 points), and ball control. Ashley Gamache was the beast in the middle scoring 8 points and demonstrating remarkable touch for a center. Joining her in the front court was gabby Ortiz who scored 2 points and had huge rebounds throughout the game. Sam Ryan had a big game on defense and added 2 points. Lexie Bobotas scored a great basket showing good instincts to attack the hoop. Alyssandra Ragusa played a smart game and helped pressure the Comets defense. Emma Hiltz and Riley Veits (2 points) continue to offer a strong 1-2 punch in the backcourt. Melanie Kaplan had some big rebounds. Jocelyn Kinnon had a great steal and did a great job tying up the ball. 

Intermediate League

Cougars 32, Terriors 17
The Cougars played their best game of the season and pulled off a huge first round victory.  These girls realize how important good rebounding and defense are and have stepped up at the right time of year.  The Cougars are very hungry to play in the next round of the tournament vs the Jayhawks.  The scoring was spread around nicely with Alexia Pinto grabbing a nice rebound, pulling up for a jump shot and banking it in for 2.  Allyson Hayley hit deep 2 pointer.  Marykate Callinan was a beast down low causing havoc and scored 4 points.  Allie Indingaro scored 6 including a huge 3 pointer just before the halftime buzzer and Stephanie Mercurio had a monster game dropping 18 points!  

Wildcats 29 - Wolverines 26
The Wildcat team followed through on their strategy of Score and Hold, which was to score as many points as possible when there were offensive advantages and to hold the opponent defensively at other times.  Both lineups came through on the plan.  The lineup of Sophie Eskenas, Abby MacAllister, Morgan Woodman, Brooke Woodman and Kayla Fisk delivered by outscoring their opponents by 16 points over their 2 quarters.  The defensive lineup of Lexi Polimino, Michelle Hinkle, Jaclyn Dillon, Madison Pierce and Katelyn Quinn-Cyr successfully held the opposing line-up scoring opportunities.  B. Woodman aggressively grabbed key rebounds and scored 6 points.  First year player Quinn-Cyr boxed out like a veteran.  Fisk played great defense and put in a basket.  MacAllister (3pts) did a great job pressing, causing turnovers.  Eskenas' (12pts) quick reflexes led to steals, and she also landed a 3-pointer.  Pierce played fantastic defense in the key against great Wolverine forwards.  Dillon (4pts) made 2 nice shots from the outside and defensively broke up plays.  Polimino and Hinkle worked to deny shots from the skilled opposing shooters.  The entire Wildcats team worked together to earn a fantastic upset.

Jayhawks 32, Huskies 8
 The Jayhawks went into the first round of March Madness hungry for a win, and that's what they got!!  The game got off to a slow start for both teams, with neither team scoring in the first few minutes of the game, but the Jayhawks came to life late in the 1st quarter, and were able to take a 10-0 lead.  They continued their aggressive, heads-up defense in the second quarter, and continued to play well offensively, taking a 20-4 lead at the half.  The Huskies defense heated up in the second half of the game, and held the Jayhawks to 3 points in the 3rd quarter, but fortunately, the Jayhawks didn't back down defensively and were able to hold the tough Huskies to 4 points in the second half.  They finished strong, scoring another 9 points in the 4th to advance to the semifinals.  Scoring for the Jayhawks were Becca DeFrancesco (8 points) Caitlyn Fiore (7 points) Meghan Ostertag (6 points), Katherine Marquis (5 points), Mikayla Dec (4 points) and Rachel Lemus (2 points).  Once again, Angelina Carew was a beast on defense, diving for loose balls, picking off passes and creating several jump balls.  Rookie Jennie Asselin continues to improve and had a couple of steals and continues to have lightning fast speed on defense.  Rachel, Katherine and Becca led the team in rebounds, and Mikayla, Caitlyn and Meghan had several steals leading to Jayhawk scoring opportunities.  Another display of tremendous teamwork--congratulations, Jayhawks!!

Waves 30, Eagles 16
The Eagles lost in the first round of March Madness to a very strong Waves team.  Maegan Marshall, Alexis Foley and Julia Cafferty led the scoring for the Eagles with 4 points each.  Alexa Harrington and Gianna Ragucci each added an additional 2 points for the offense. Brianna Iandoli played a solid game in the guard position having made a few shot attempts that did not drop.  Emma Fleming positioned herself well down low for some key rebounds and was aggressive on the offensive end almost scoring a couple of baskets. Jaime Burns grabbed some key rebounds on both ends of the court as she played back to back quarters in the forward position.  Rose Strobel continued to be a defensive powerhouse in both the guard and forward positions.  The Eagles capped their season by playing their hardest but they simply fell short.

Senior League

Pacers vs. Blazers
The Pacers came out with a spirited effort in the first round of March Madness but in the end came up short. They led for most of the game but in the final two minutes the Blazers caught fire and pulled away. In the first quarter the Pacers ferocious defense was the difference as they held the Blazers scoreless. Kerry Shea defended well on the dribble, Brooke Fullerton had several rebounds, Mercy jumped on several passes, Bella Beyloune was great on the press, and Emily Langone was EVERYWHERE! Langone and Beyloune combined for 4 points in the quarter. In the 2nd quarter strong defense and determined offense continued and the Pacers took a 12-8 lead into the half. Marissa Ladderbush and Elizabeth Lam were great at throwing off the rhythm of the Blazer guards, Kendall Donahoe netted several key blocks in the quarter, Ashley Turri was strong on the boards and with a target for the outlet pass, and Crystal Shagoury was active on defense making it difficult for their offense to get started.  In the 2nd half the Pacers continued to hold on a narrow lead with the score being 19-16 after three. In the 4th quarter with the Blazers able to load up their lineup being short on players it looked to be a great game to the wire. Early on the Pacers had lay-up chances to go up by 5 that would not fall and then in the final 2 minutes there was trouble protecting the basketball and the tenacious Blazers tied it up at 21 and then eventually took the lead 26-23. Great game by both sides and the Pacers finished the season on a positive note. Scoring for the Pacers was Ladderbush with 9, Langone with 8, Fullerton and Lam with 2 each, and Beyloune and Shagoury with 1 each.

Sonics 25, Jazz 29
Team Sonics finished their season today with a very tough loss to the Jazz.  All 10 players came out to play today with heart, aggressive defense and one of their best offensive games this year as 7 out of ten girls were in the scoring column.  From tip off, Guards Jessica Caredeo, Felicia Ragucci & Christine Santos all stepped up their game with aggressive defense making awesome steals and great ball movement. Forwards Erin Briley & Stephanie Lemus both hustled on each end of the court shutting down baseline opportunities by the Jazz and finding the open spot on offense. Guard Alexis Hillis was key in our match setting picks left and right that frustrated the Jazz.  Forwards Alicia Barbeti & Amber Buttaro shut down the baseline and both had good shots on net.  Centers Abby Naughler & Michaela Svendsen were awesome under the net with several rebounds, blocks and scrapped for every loose ball.  Leading our offense: Svendsen 8 points, including a 3 pointer, Ragucci 6, Santos 4, Caredeo 3, Barbeti 2, Buttaro & Briley with 1 each.  Congratulations to our graduating Senior players: Erin Briley, Felicia Ragucci and Michaela Svendsen – Best of Luck!   

Tewksbury Girls Travel Round Up

Tewksbury Travel 6B: Tewksbury 33 - Dracut 22
The Tewksbury girls started the game slow but picked up the pace in the second half.  The scoring was doubled in the second half due to forced turnovers and great team passing.  Centers Megan Boudreau and Makenna Rosberg (2pts) battled in the paint against tall Dracut players.  Forwards Emily Walker (5pts), Alyssa Boudreau and Abby Hansbury (4pts) were great at off-side rebounding and forcing turnovers in the backcourt on the press.  Guards Brianna Iandoli, Michelle Hinkle (2pts) and Amanda Moreira (2pts) moved the ball around the key to open players.  High scorers were Christina Capachietti (9pts) and Abby MacAllister (11pts), with MacAllister hitting 75% from the free throw line.

Tewksbury Travel 6B: Tewksbury 26 - Amesbury 27
The regular season ended with one of 6B's most exciting games.  Both teams had limited scoring in the first half but exploded in the second half, trading the lead many times before the game ended .  Tewksbury outscored Amesbury in the second half, but it was not enough to pull out the win.  Megan Boudreau played excellent defense against Amesbury's top scorer, matching her every time.  Brianna Iandoli (2pts) and Amanda Moreira were key in running the press break and limiting the outside scoring by opposing guards.  Small forwards Alyssa Boudreau and Emily Walker continue to fight for rebounds and play feisty defense.  Makenna Rosberg (2pts) was a defensive force in the key, gaining position for key rebounds.  Abby Hansbury (4pts) showed great form scoring quickly off of her dribble.  Abby MacAllister again shot 75% from the line, helping the team with 7 points.  Michelle Hinkle proved to be a defensive catalyst in the second half, causing turnovers in both the backcourt off the press and helping stop breakaways in the Tewksbury zone.  Christina Capachietti captained second half pressing, causing numerous turnovers by Amesbury.  Capachietti scored all 13 of her points in the second half, including a buzzer-beating 3-pointer, but it was it not enough for Tewksbury to pull out the win.

Tewksbury Girls – 8 A

Tewksbury 56, Westford 52
Tewksbury 8A wrapped up the league regular season title with a spirited win over a very talented Westford team. Haley Mignon carried the day with 21 points while being clutch from the free throw line and playing her trademark frenzied defense with no regard for her own body.  Devyn Veits had perhaps her best game of the season with great all around play and 8 points. Belle DeRoche fouled out, but not before scoring 8 second half points, controlling the boards, and continuing to show great passing skills for a center. Lizzy Gallella had 8 points while playing great defense. Emily Chemela and Brianna Walker helped spread the floor and pressured Westford’s defenders all game. Christine Santos and Leanne Durham had a great game defending against a very tall Westford front court. Tewksbury guards Marissa Ladderbush and Hanah Knoops played very aggressive defense against Westford’s guards and did a good job facilitating the ball on offense. Erin Gallella scored 5 points while drawing a lot of attention from the Westford defense. 

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