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The Smell of Burning Plastic

Mar 06, 2015 01:36PM ● By Stephen York

The Smell of Burning Plastic

Hello to Everyone: 

A short Blog from the Pastoral side of things. 

I thought that I would share a short blog with you today. I am sure that you have guessed by the title that there was something wrong. 

When we arrived at the church office on Thursday morning, there was a slight smell of, what seemed to be burning plastic. Well; that sent the Senior Pastor, the Secretary and myself on a scouting mission to see what the issue was. 

I went upstairs to check all the rooms and closets, while the Senior Pastor went into the small mechanical area behind the platform. There he found that the small hot water heater was leaking and that is where the smell of burning plastic was coming from.

As of this writing, the plumber has just left after installing a new water heater and we are back in business, so you see, even things at a church can break, or go bump in the night. 

Thank you Lord that it was caught when it was! 

Here are some pictures of the deceased water heater. 

Pastor Steve: 

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