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'From The Youngest To The Oldest'

Apr 05, 2015 06:08AM ● By Stephen York
Good Morning Everyone:

Let me first take a minute to wish all of you a Very Blessed Resurrection Weekend. I pray that you will attend the church of your choice on Sunday to remember what Jesus Christ did for all of us when He laid down His life on that Old Rugged Cross.

Now; back to my blogging: You may think that the title of this Blog is a little different, and to honest; it is. That's why I want to explain it too all of you. 

My Blog, as you know is about following my adventures in life as a Pastor and also as a family man. 

But today, the blog takes a little twist on the pastoral side. I have mentioned in the past that we are involved in seven (7) different Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Communities and Adult Day Care Centers. I can assure you that I do not do these alone. I have one brother from the church that is involved in 3 of the 7, and I am personally involved in 6 of the 7 facilities. I have others who go with me to minister to the elderly, and that brings me to the point of this Blog. 

Recently; I have had one mother in the church with 4 young, and very active children approach me and asked me for information on going to one of the Nursing Homes to give out little gifts and crafts to the residents. She also stated that she had another young mom with two children that wanted to go with her. 

I can't tell you how excited I was to hear that. The nursing home that I gave her to try out, is one that one of our church members resides at. She and the kids had a BLAST! The second visit was on Good Friday; and the other mom went with her to pass out little gifts that the kids had made. The best part, is that they want to continue visiting the nursing home, as well as taking on the other facilities that we visit. This is awesome, because the folks who reside in these places have to be reached with the Message of Salvation, and they need to be shown the Love of Christ through examples. She is going to try to recruit other moms and kids to join her in this Ministry. 

The kids also enjoyed all the animals at the nursing home:  

Well; enough said: Enjoy the photos. 


Kim & Colleen:

Looking at Oreo, the rabit 

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