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Map Lady Visits North Street School

Apr 06, 2015 11:00AM ● By Paige Impink

Students in Mrs. Follett’s third grade class show off their maps of Massachusetts. Students filled in key landmarks and learned locations in the Commonwealth relative to other locations- states, rivers, and land forms.

Third Graders at the North Street School took part in a mapping over the last few weeks..  This program included an interactive assembly addressing what a map is, the parts of a map, how to read a map and how to make a map.  They then participated in cartography sessions to give all the students an opportunity to fully understand an area by creating maps through observation, discovery and a clear sense of purpose.  Every child should be proud of what he/she accomplished during this challenging lesson! Cartography educator Susan Pietrantoni has visited the school several times over the years and continually brings delight and great skills to the students. In this age of GPS, understanding the fundamentals of mapping is even more critical.
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