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Question Of The Week Responses And Red Sox Tickets Winner

Apr 14, 2015 07:19PM ● By Bill Gilman
This week, we debuted our "Question of the Week."
Each Monday we will ask readers a question and invite their responses. And each week we will give away a prize to a responder chosen at random.
This week our winner was Rich Lavasseur, who won two tickets to see the Red Sox and Nationals at Fenway Park! Congratulations Rich!

Here was our question and some of the responses we received.
 "Question of the Week" -- 
Over the next several years, Tewksbury voters will be asked to support major capital expenditures, including a new Central Fire Station, new elementary schools, Water Filtration Plant improvements, a new ladder truck for the Fire Department, renovations to the DPW building and water line improvements. These projects will likely require borrowing and will result in increases in property taxes or water rates to pay for them.
Which of these projects, if any, are you willing to spend more of your money to fund?

While they are all important, we should only do what we can afford. It seems like the schools are the oldest problem. Let's do whatever one will get us the most state reimbursement.  -- Rich Levasseur

I would fund new Elementary Schools.
 -- Bonnie Spiegel

A new central fire station.
-- George Ferdinand

New schools! They are beyond the "fixable" stage, the kids, teachers and parents deserve new and updated elementary schools.
 -- Lisa Broderick 

I believe new elementary schools should be a priority. The schools are very old, need lots of work that eventually will end up costing a fortune any how.
 -- Sheryl Liggiero

Each department listed needs to start living within their means our taxes and water bills continue to rise to fund mismanagement across town.
 -- Lori El

Thanks to everyone who responded! Look for our next "Question of the Week" on Monday and a chance for another terrific prize.

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