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TYSL Roundup: BU12-2 and GU10-2 Defeat Wilmington Teams

May 05, 2015 09:00AM ● By Kieran Gilman

Tewksbury Youth Soccer.

Tewksbury (GU10-2) 6 - Wilmington(GU10-3) 0

The Tewksbury GU10-2 team hosted the Wilmington GU10-3 team at Frasca field on Saturday for their 2nd game of the season. Tewksbury’s first offensive line of Ava Paquette, Carrina Barron and Alana Price got the offensive momentum going and set up the tempo for Tewksbury.  The three players had some great passing plays and had excellent support in the backfield from defenders, Darya Mehrabani and Alex Fillmore to create Tewksbury’s first scoring chances. On the offensive line change, Leah Casey, Alyssa Adams and Mackenzie Hickey came out onto the field fired up to play. Only a minute into their shift, MacKenzie Hickey and Leah Casey swarmed the Wilmington defense on the right side of the field. Leah overpowered the Wilmington defender and came up with the ball only 10 yards out. She took the quick shot and sent the ball past the Wilmington goalkeeper to score the first goal of the game.

Tewksbury remained relentless throughout 1st half play and did not allow Wilmington to put any offensive pressure on them.  At the 
19:00mark, Tewksbury defender, Brooklynn DeGrechie took a corner kick which bounced off the Wilmington defense. However, Tewksbury’s right wing, Leah Casey was there and did not hesitate to put a shot up. From a steep right angle, Leah blasted the shot to the far left goal corner to score her 2nd goal of the game and put Tewksbury up 2-0. With seconds remaining in the 1st half, Leah Casey put up another great shot just missing wide left and closed out the half. 1st half credit in goal goes to Megan Cunningham. The solid efforts of Tewksbury’s offense and defense kept Megan without any ball touches during 1st half play.

Sparked by their 1st half play, the Tewksbury girls were ready to execute and finish in 2nd half play. Right wing, Ava Paquette got things heated up early when she took the ball up the field unassisted and sent the hard shot from 15 yards out to score at 
2:45 in the half. Momentum was all Tewksbury. Tewksbury worked the ball from all angles and kept the ball in their possession. Tewksbury changed this up a bit and moved Darya Mehrabani up to the offensive line. Darya worked her way through Wilmington’s defense and found her opening. She capitalized on it by taking a shot that blasted through the hands of the Wilmington goalkeeper to give Tewksbury a 4-0 lead.  At the 21 minute mark, Brooklynn DeGrechie took another corner kick for Tewksbury. Brooklynn put up a beautiful kick about 15 yards out into the middle of the goal where center, Carrina Barron was waiting and took the one-timer shot. The ball sailed into the back of the net putting Tewksbury up 5-0.
Tewksbury continued to work on their passing game and got everyone involved in the play action. Megan Cunningham and Alex Fillmore worked hard on both offense and defense in 2nd half play. Each player had nice scoring opportunities of their own and they denied Wilmington's forwards any offensive momentum. Alana Price forced a Wilmington defensive turnover in the last minute and dribbled past the defenders. She took a quick shot to score and close out the game 6-0. 

Tewksbury (GU10-2) 7 – Westford(GU10-2) 0

The Tewksbury GU10-2 team was in Westford for this past Saturday’s game. The girls started out like rolling thunder and took control of ball possession. The 1st offensive line of Ava Paquette, Carrina Barron and Alana Price were focused and quickly got Tewksbury in scoring position. With only 3:45 off the clock, Ava Paquette took control and dribbled the ball up the right wing. Ava capitalized on an opening in Westford’s defense and blasted a shot past the Westford goalkeeper to put Tewksbury up 1-0. Less than a minute later, Alana Price dribbled through Westford’s defense and put up a beautiful crossing pass. Ava Paquette came crashing in from the wing and timed the cross perfectly to take the one-timer shot to score her 2nd goal of the game.

Brooklynn DeGrechie, Darya Mehrabani and Alex Fillmore played an outstanding 1st half on defense and worked well to distribute the ball up into Tewksbury offensive territory. Westford’s few scoring chances were quickly extinguished by the Tewksbury defensive unit. Tewksbury goaltender, Avery Della Piana kept things in control between the posts even though she had limited 1st half ball touches. As the half came to a close, Leah Casey sped up field with the ball and squeezed a pass through Westford’s defense that met in stride with Tewksbury center, Alyssa Adams. Alyssa dribbled up a few yards then took a hard shot that sailed into the back of the net. Tewksbury wrapped up the 1st half 3-0. 

Sparked by their outstanding 1st half play, the Tewksbury girls were anxious to return to the field. With 2nd half kickoff possession, Tewksbury quickly regained their offensive groove. Red hot, Ava Paquette set up Tewksbury’s 1st scoring chance of the half. Ava worked the ball up the right side of the field and dropped in a nice pass to Carrina Barron inside the box. Carrina took a touch to set up and rocked a shot into the far side of the goal to score Tewksbury’s 4th goal only 
2:30 into the half. Tewksbury moved the ball well and kept tremendous offensive pressure on Westford. Brooklynn DeGrechie took a corner kick that dropped nicely inside the box only to be cleared by Westford’s defense. However Tewksbury defender, Darya Mehrabani stepped up to intercept Westford’s clear at the top of the center circle arc. Darya took a hard low ground shot which went untouched and into the net for Tewksbury’s 5th goal. Alex Fillmore moved up to right wing and used her speed to beat Westford’s defense. Alex put up a perfectly timed cross to the far post. Leah Casey hustled in to meet to Alex’s cross for a one-time left footed shot to score Tewksbury’s 6th goal. At 15 minutes in the half, Alana Price dribbled down the left side and took a shot from 10 yards out that notched another Tewksbury goal to go up 7-0 and closeout the game.

Tewksbury (BU12-2) 3 - Wilmington 4

Tewksbury Boys U12-2 suffered their first loss of the season to Wilmington.  Wilmington got off to a fast start, making the score 1-0 five minutes in.  Tewksbury battled back, as Andrew Della Piana and Jake McDonough had a couple chances but were thwarted by a tough defense.  Alek Cranston, Jake Pelletier, Eric Impink, and Nick Polimeno were standing pat on defense, keeping the score 1-0.  Tim Sweeney in goal, had to make a number of saves in the first half to keep the score close.  Tewksbury was able to break through, when Polimeno buried a free kick tying the score at 1-1.  Was a back and forth game, as Travis Cohen, Justine Rooney, and Luke McFadyen battled for ball control in the midfield.    Wilmington scored late on a long punt, which saw a Wilmington player get on the loose ball, and go into half time with a 2-1 lead.

Tewksbury came out sluggish in the second half as Wilmington scored 2 quick goals, going up 4-1.  Tewksbury woke up with about 10 minutes remaining as Timmy Sweeney took a great throw from Polimeno, down the wing to Luke McFadyen, who centered to Sweeny, who put the ball near post making the score 4-2.  Tewksbury dominated play, as Della Piana, Rooney, Sam Barbagallo, and McFadyen had multiple scoring chances.  Paidric Green was hauled down in the penalty area, and Rooney made no mistake burring the free kick making the score 4-3, with 5 minutes to play.  Jake McDonough, playing goal, with Impink and Cranston playing defense, were not letting another goal get in, as anything close was saved by McDonough.  Tewksbury continued to fire shots on goal, Mcfadyen who played a great all-around game, along with his team mates showed great heart, but could not put the tying goal in.  Great job all around, as Tewksbury will look to rebound next Saturday in Melrose
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