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TYSL Roundup: Teams Pitted Against Melrose, Charlestown

May 19, 2015 09:27AM ● By Kieran Gilman

Tewksbury Youth Soccer.

(Editor's Note: The following information was submitted by the coaches of the TYSL.)

GU14-2 Tewksbury 3 vs. Melrose 0

The Tewksbury girls came out fired up and controlled the tempo for most of the first half. The defense of Julia Strickler, Caitilin Sheehan, Isabelle Frost, and Kendall Donahoe kept the Melrose attack at bay all half keeping the ball on the attack. All four players several times kicked beautiful clearing kicks to either space or feed to start the offense. Also impressive was the communication of the defense which made it look like we had more than 11 players on the field. At the end of the half Melrose did get a few chances that were easily scooped up by keeper Megan Cabral. The game however remained scoreless going into the half.

Some minor adjustments were made to the offense at half and the girls responded with a well organized offensive attack. Defensive mids were asked to push up and Victoria Schille responded with a great pass over to Rebecca Defrancesco who put it into the net. Kiley Tibbetts also had a  great chance just prior to the goal due to good positioning. Rebecca Smith also had some good touches towards the net to create chances. After a shift change the 2nd goal was quickly put in the net on a one-touch shot from Christina Capachietti off of a great corner from Sheehan. Grace Morris was affective playing at attacking mid for the first time with several good passes. Julia Garland staying wide was also open for several opportunities. Eryn Taber played aggressive to the ball the entire half. Olivia Houghton as always made several runs down the right side and crossed it to the box. Madelyn Berry was open all day in a support position giving the offense options. Later in the half Capachietti delivered a beautiful cross that Briana Walker calmly put it in net. However the ref called offsides to negate the goal. Therefore Capachietti  minutes later clearly played it back this time to Caitlyn Fiore who blasted a strong shot into the net to round out the scoring. The whole 2nd half the offense played skilled soccer with passes to feet, good spacing, and good trapping skills.

GU10-2 Tewksbury 1 –  GU10-1 Charlestown 0

The Tewksbury GU10-2 team went on the road this past Saturday to take on a talented Charlestown team. In addition to playing away, the girls also had to adjust their game play for Charlestown’s fast turf surface. Tewksbury won the game toss and started with the ball in their possession. Ava Paquette, Alana Price and Carrina Barron got things heated up early in Tewksbury’s offensive zone. The girls set up some nice through passes and had Charlestown’s defense scrambling and forced the Charlestown goalkeeper to make early saves in the game. Defender, Brooklynn DeGrechie made a nice rush up the field and put up a shot which rang off the crossbar early in the half. The offensive unit of Alyssa Adams, Mackenzie Hickey and Avery Della Piana kept the offensive momentum going with additional quality scoring chances. Midway through the half, Charlestown got away with a few offensive breaks. However these opportunities were quickly extinguished with spectacular diving saves made by Tewksbury goaltender, Megan Cunningham. Tewksbury’s 1st half defensive unit of Brooklynn DeGrechie, Leah Casey, Alex Fillmore and Darya Mehrabani played outstanding and won nearly all the battles with Charlestown’s offense. The half ended scoreless.

The Tewksbury girls knew that the 2nd half would be a battle but remained confident that they could get the job done. Charlestown began the half with some of their own offensive drives. Charlestown took a corner kick that dropped inside the box between several Charlestown and Tewksbury players. In a scramble, Tewksbury center, Carrina Barron gained possession and turned the ball up field. Carrina made a great pass to right wing, Alana Price who had an early jump on the Charlestown defenders at midfield. Alana took the ball quickly up field with the 2 Charlestown defenders breathing down her back. Alana ripped a shot from 10 yards out past the Charlestown goalkeeper to put Tewksbury up 1-0 early in the 2nd half. Tewksbury continued to pressure Charlestown and dominated the half with great passing and possession play. Tewksbury forwards, Mackenzie Hickey, Leah Casey, Ava Paquette and Alyssa Adams remained busy on the attack. 2nd half Tewksbury goaltender, Avery Della Piana did a great job and locked things down in net for Tewksbury while defenders, Alex Fillmore and Darya Mehrabani continued with rock solid defensive play. With only minutes remaining in the game, Charlestown switched up their field players to make their final push to score.  However, Tewksbury remained composed and put their own offensive pressure on Charlestown. Tewksbury defenders, Megan Cunningham and Brooklynn DeGrechie swarmed the Charlestown forwards and eliminated any scoring threats. Tewksbury maintained control in their offensive territory. Brooklynn DeGrechie put up a last minute corner kick which Carrina Barron connected on for an amazing one-timer shot.  Unfortunately, the Charlestown goaltender read the shot through traffic and made the save denying Tewksbury the insurance goal. Charlestown tried to advance the ball up field but time ran out and Tewksbury secured the 1-0 win.
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