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Town Clerk Mails Out Voter Confirmation Postcards

May 23, 2015 04:54PM ● By Kieran Gilman
The Town Clerk’s Office will soon be mailing “Voter Confirmation” postcards to all registered voters who have either not returned their Annual Town Census form or who were noted on their census form to have moved from the Town. This mailing is required by law to give those persons another opportunity to respond or to verify and correct their current address and status. If you have not returned your 2015 Annual Town Census, please do so as soon as possible (prior to June 1st) to help the Town reduce the expense of this costly mailing. 

All voters who receive this “Voter Confirmation Mailing” will have automatically 
been changed from an “Active” to an “Inactive” voter status. If still residing in Tewksbury, signing and returning the card will re-instate the voter to an “Active” status. If the card is not returned, when checking-in at the next election, the voter will be required to sign an “Affirmation of Continuous Residence”, and identification will be required at that time. If there are changes to the voter’s address, the appropriate block should be marked and the card must be signed by the
voter and returned for this office to update the voter’s address and status.

Confirmation postcards should be returned as soon as possible in order to update each voter to their correct status. If you have any questions, please call the Town Clerk’s Office at (978) 640-4355.
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