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Ginsburg Provides Planning Board, Residents With Overview Of Plans For 192-Unit Apartment Complex

May 29, 2015 01:24PM ● By Bill Gilman

An artist's rendering of the proposed 192-unit apartment complex off Victor Drive being proposed by developer Marc Ginsburg.

Developer Marc Ginsburg understands residents have questions and concerns regarding his proposed 192-unit apartment complex off Victor Drive. But he is convinced his project is the best use for the property, given its zoning.
"The property has been zoned for multiple family (buildingx) since back in the 1980s," said Ginsburg, who, along with business partner Arnie Martel, acquired the 38.25 acre parcel of land in 2011 for just over $3 million. "(The project) may look big but there is more open space and more roadways with this project than if it were (a sub-division). This is better for open space and better for infrastructure."
Ginsburg and his team appeared before the Planning Board on May 18 and provided an overview over the project. 
The project calls for four 5-story apartment buildings, each with 48 units. Each building has a ground level for parking and four floors of 12 units each. In all, the complex will feature 128 two-bedroom units and 65 one-bedroom units.
It's a somewhat different project for Ginsburg, who is known more for subdivisions and condo complexes.
"I wanted to do something a little different, something more long-term," he said. "An income type property. The real estate market can change but the goal is to hold onto the property."
At the May 18 meeting, designer Steve Hanley detailed certain aspects of the project intended to benefit the community as a whole and the Victor Drive neighborhood, in particular. One piece is a bike path connecting the new development with Livingston Street, providing easier access for residents and Wynn Middle School students to the town's recreation facilities.
"This has been a goal of mine since I bought the property, to create a corridor between Livingston Street and Main Street. It would also provide (easier) access in emergencies."
Almost all the residents who spoke at the May 18 meeting expressed concerns about the additional traffic a 192-unit complex would bring to the Victor Drive neighborhood and potential traffic nightmares at the Main Street/Victor Drive intersection -- especially during morning as school busses are arriving at the Wynn. A resident of Patrick Road, which runs off Victor Drive, expressed concerns that drivers decide to start using his street as alternative route to Main Street if the traffic is too heavy.
The concerns are not lost on Ginsburg, who said he plans to to provide whatever mitigation is needed to minimize the traffic impact.
"I'm not looking to avoid any type of mitigation," he said. "I just want it to be the right type of mitigation. I'm committed to it. It's just a matter of what type and when."
One specific type of infrastructure improvement included in the plan are the installation of sidewalks, 8-10 feet wide, along the frontage of the property.
The results of a comprehensive traffic study are expected to be a primary topic of discussion when Ginsburg and his team appear before the Planning Board again Monday, June 8.
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