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People You Know: Brian Surran, New Owner Of Pizza Mia

Jun 24, 2015 05:06AM ● By Hollie Gonzalez

Brian Surran is the new owner of Pizza Mia.

There have to be at least a dozen Pizza Shops from the Lowell end of Route 38 in Tewksbury all the way to the Wilmington side.
I have heard so many things about many of them.  Our town is full of "Pizza Connoisseurs" if you will.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion on why their pizza place is the best.  Weather it be for the size of the pie, to the cheesiest, or the taste and quality, we have them all here in town.  Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Pizza Mia.
This pizza house, located at 1475 Main St. for years,  went from a cult classic place years ago to one that many people frowned upon for years because the original pizza recipe was changed.
Well, I have news for you Tewksbury,  Pizza Mia is back!  Thanks to owner Brian Surran, he has brought the original back! 
Hollie Gonzalez - When did you take over Pizza Mia?
Brian Surran - In September 2014, almost 9 months now.
HG - What experience do you have owning, running and being the master chef here?
BS -  My first job in high school was working part time at Pizza Mia in Wilmington.  I have done it all from washing dishes, to delivering, to cooking.  I worked at Verizon for a time, but my passion has always been here.  I have been with Pizza Mia for 22 years now.  I have seen the ups and downs of this industry.  I work about 100 hours a week on the low end.  I am here to stay and now Pizza Mia will be too.
HG - I can name probably two handfuls of Pizza places here in town.  What separates the men from the boys so to speak?
BS - The quality of my food that I produce.  I know that Pizza Mia used to be know for its great pizza.  Years ago the owners decided to change the recipe for the pizza, and that didn't go over to well with a lot of people and they lost a lot of business.  When I took over here, I brought the original recipe back.  That is what I want people to know.   We also have a huge menu.  Our steak and cheese subs are phenomenal and we have a new chicken stir fry that will knock you socks off!
HG - Do you offer any gluten free pizza options?
BS - Not yet, that is still in the works.  But we have tons of choices on our menu.  Our website is no up yet, but you can view our menu on Yelp or stop by and grab one.  Besides subs, we have Fresh Made Syrian bread and white and wheat wraps.  If you need something Gluten free, try our Marinated Steak tips, or any one of our salads, we have 13 of them to choose from.
HG - What is it like to own a business here in town?
BS - It is a lot of hard work.  There is obviously some serious competition around.  I really like Tewksbury.  I enjoy the people here and the camaraderie everyone shares.  I have some very loyal customers and I wish to extend a big thank you to them.
HG - So you're the boss.  What's it like?
BS - Being a boss is hard work.  Everything about the business starts and stops with me.  All the company choices have my say.  I have to make hard decisions sometimes.  But this is my place and I can run it as I see fit.  That is one of the reasons I brought the original recipe for the pizza back.  I saw a need for it back then, and that need was my responsibility to have when I became the owner.   This is my bread and butter. (or dough and  I wouldn't have it any other way.
HG - What would you like to see more of here in Tewksbury?
BS - Well obviously not any more pizza shops!  (laughs..) I think some more corporate offices on all the empty land around town would be good for all the other customer service based businesses here in town.
HG - With all the new housing and apartment complexes here in town, how has that effected your business?
BS -  It has had a positive impact on us.  We are one of the only food places here that still offer free delivery.  We try to be efficient and courteous and people really respect that.  More people in town, more apartments are just more opportunity for us to show our stuff.  I think it's great.  We are sending out fliers and mailings, but word of mouth is still one of the best ways to get your name out there.
Brian Surran is a really nice guy.  The pizza shop looks like most others when you walk in, with the exception of his giant smile and big presence behind the pizza ovens and all the stainless steel.  We chit chatted about a few other things and I left with a giant urge for some pizza.  A couple days later, we had some Pizza Mia delivered..  (anonymously of course) and to my delight it was great!  My husband Jose and son Nico are truly the pickiest eaters I know.  I can honestly say all we had left from dinner was the box.

Quick 5 - Brian Surran

Skydive or bungee jump  - skydive
Favorite Superhero - Spiderman
Last dessert you ate - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Favorite Season - Spring  (obviously he has no allergies..)
Best Action Movie, hands down - Star Wars
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