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People You Know: Tommy Joyce Of The Corner Barbershop

Jun 30, 2015 05:16AM ● By Bill Gilman

Mike Sakovich and Tommy Joyce are the men in charge of The Corner Barbershop.

I had heard the buzz.  A men's only barber shop in Tewksbury!  Could it be?  A place for men and boys only to go and feel truly like guys for a little bit.
No manicures or massages here folks.  This is it.  The new place for a guy to feel just like a guy getting his hair cut.  Old school style.  Oh the men are already flocking!  I went in and met with the owner, Tommy Joyce and his barber #1 Mike Sakovich.
Now I meet and talk to a lot of people as you know, but Tommy Joyce is one of a kind.  He is a true professional.  He is meek and mild and sweet as pie.  He was very humbled about being asked to do an interview for Your Tewksbury Today.
Please read on and meet Tommy Joyce.

Hollie Gonzalez - How long have you lived in Tewksbury?
Tommy Joyce - I have been here for 22 years.
HG - Now, you're the owner and Barber Elite, When did The Corner Barber Shop take shape?
TJ - It has been about a year and a half since it's inception.  I have over 7 years of straight Barber Shop experience and am fully licensed.  I only have one other barber here in the shop with me, my master barber, Mr. Mike Sakovich.
HG - So tell me, is it really a "Men's Club"? and why?
TJ - Yes, we are a men's and boys only barber shop.  There are so many salons and unisex hair parlors here in town.  I opened my shop with the intent on being true to the original barber shop notion.  Men want to have some personal time out too.  A lot of the men and boys I know don't want to go to a hair salon because they feel like it makes them uncomfortable when the person next to them is getting a massage or their nails done.  This is just "cut and dry".  A straight barbershop.
HG - What does The Corner Barber Shop offer that makes it so unique?
TJ - Well besides being the only place in town to offer the original "hot towel" shave which we do with the greatest of precision, we do all the traditional haircuts, like men's and boy's regulars.  We do bald fades, line ups, tapers, and beard trims.  We also do a wide variety of designs in the hair.  We can do anything from the Tewksbury "T" to any of your favorite sports team logo's.  We can do your jersey number or any name of your choice.  If you can think of it, we can do it. 
HG - Do you have any specials?
TJ - We have a senior discount and offer wedding party haircuts with a complimentary shave for the groom.  Just give us a call to schedule. 
HG - How have you been generating your business here in town so far?
TJ - Right now a lot of our advertising is through Facebook.  Check us out at  We also have a sign in the Tewksbury Sports Club which generates some good business.  Being a Men's only shop is certainly creating a positive buzz around town.
HG -  Living here in town for 22 years, what do you think the town is missing?
TJ - More outside places.  Places for kids and adults to burn some energy outside.  Somewhere for them to hang out besides the McDonalds parking lot.  Livingston is great but someone should tell them to keep the lights on at night till at least 10pm.  They don't go on at night on the basketball courts.  It is great to have a place to go and shoot hoops and join up with other guys for some fun after work, but you can't play in the dark.  (This was dually noted by both Tommy and Mike)
HG - What about town improvements? 
TJ - Fix the sidewalks and roads.  It is really sad to see parents and kids trying to walk and ride their bikes down the street and not be able to use a sidewalk.  It especially becomes dangerous at night.  There are tons of people that run and jog right down the middle of Main Street or Shawsheen Street because the sidewalks are all banged up, covered with overgrown brush, or not there at all.  (note-- I think this was a similar sentiment made by TPD's Jennie Welch a few months ago..)
HG - What do you want any potential new customers to know about The Corner Barber Shop?
TJ -  We offer top quality.  Customer satisfaction is our top priority.  We are both professional and courteous with all the latest trends, but will never fade from the true original barber shop form.  We know hair.  We know men's hair.  Anyone can cut hair, but not every one can barber.
Well, I have to tell you, Tommy Joyce is one very passionate guy.  Tommy and Mike make a great team.  They work well together and provide a great experience for guys.  The shop was very clean and had a couple of TV's on the wall, one streaming ESPN, and another, a basketball game.  Big comfortable black leather barbershop chairs await you.  I think some men could actually live there, I mean c'mon, Pizza Mia is right next door!  So give them a try boys.  They are at 1475 Main Street right on, yes you guessed it, "The Corner".  Look for that blue and red barbershop pole and smile when you see dad taking junior in for that first men's regular.
Quick 5 - Tommy Joyce
Infinity pool or crystal blue ocean - infinity pool
Favorite cartoon character - Bugs Bunny
Dinner with any rock star past or present who would it be? - Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)
Sushi or escargot - neither
Dream city to work in - Los Angeles, California
(Hollie Gonzalez lives in Tewksbury with her husband and two children.  She is very passionate about her town.)

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