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People You Know: Mike Rogers, Golf Pro At Tewksbury Country Club

Jul 08, 2015 12:06AM ● By Hollie Gonzalez

Mike Rogers, Club Pro at Tewksbury Country Club.

People tell me it is a huge sport with a really big following.  It is just as serious to some people as the Red Sox, or the Patriots.  Anyone can play it.  Men, women, kids, all can learn.  There are professional leagues and tournaments where you win some kind of special suit jacket and a lot of money or you do it to just relax.
Obviously, I don't have a very vast knowledge of this.  But Mike Rogers does.  He is the Golf Pro at the Tewksbury Country Club here in town.  He basically runs the golf course and knows everything there is to know about the sport of Golf.
I went to see Mike to ask him some questions and really see what it's all about.  Mike was humbly happy to talk to me.  Please read on.

Hollie Gonzalez - Mike, please tell me about yourself and your position here.
Mike Rogers - Well, I currently live in Chelmsford.  I have been here at the Tewksbury Country Club for 15 seasons now.  I started here in 2001 and I manage the beautiful course here.  I work with all the customers doing anything from working in the Pro Shop to teaching clinics and giving private lessons.
HG - What experience do you have in the golf realm?
MR - I played a lot in college.  I went to Bryant College in Rhode Island, which is now called Bryant University.  I was the assistant professional at Long Meadow Golf Club in Lowell for 8 seasons before I came here to Tewksbury in 2001.  I do a lot of everything here.  I have a very vast knowledge of the sport.
HG - What can someone with no experience expect from you, or get help with here?
MR - From my point of view, someone with no experience is the best person to teach because they haven't picked up any bad habits yet.  I can teach them the fundamentals that make for a good player.  They can expect to learn the best way to hold the club and how to aim.  They will learn all the different kinds of clubs as well as how to enjoy the sport.
HG - How about experience players, what can they learn from you?
MR - In the sport of golf, there is always something to learn, experienced or not.  Any golfer can always use a fresh set of eyes.  They may pick up the smallest thing that will help improve their game.
HG - Tell me about the course?
MR - Well, it is always in pristine condition.  This course is beautiful.  The landscapers do an absolutely amazing job here.  I have to give them some serious credit on that.  It is a flat course that is easy to walk.  That makes it very accommodating to all types of players and it is very user friendly.  It is 9 holes and a par 33.  It has 4 par 3's, 4 par 4's, and a par 5.  We also have a special teaching field over on the Livingston Street side.
HG - Why should people come here to golf?
MR - The conditions of our course are always good.  Plus we are a public course.  We are not a private country club.  We are open to the public and can accommodate all levels of golf.  We have a great staff too.  We hold a lot of tournaments here and have done quite a few fundraising events.  We donate a lot to the Tewksbury Food Pantry and Strongwater Farm.  It is really a great course to golf at.  Plus, there is the Tew-Mac Tavern right next door with indoor dining and outdoor dining for you after you finish your game.
HG - How about summer programs or kids programs?
MR - We just wrapped the PGA golf league.  We have a summer of clinics for 5-12 year olds, boys and girls. 
HG - What is the best way for families to find out about theses clinics?
MR - You certainly can call here to the Pro Shop, but the best way is to visit the website at
HG - All of the prices and tee times are on the website too?
MR - Yes, all of the 2015 rates are on line.  Tee Times are required for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as well as for holidays.  Monday thru Thursday is first come first serve.  If you are interested in scheduling private or semi-private lessons, I would suggest calling 978-640-0033 for special rates.
HG - Tell me about the Pro Shop here at the Tewksbury Country Club.?
MR - The Pro Shop is open seven days a week.  We are located directly behind the first tee.  (now for those of us who don't golf, the Pro Shop is the small building to the right of the Country Club if you are directly facing it.) We sell everything here from golf clubs and golf balls and tee's to shirts and hats with the club logo on them.  We also offer club re-gripping.
HG - What is it like to work here as the Golf Pro in Tewksbury?
MR - Tewksbury is a wonderful town to work in.  The people here are great.  Our customers are such good people.  Our Club is great club.  I really enjoy working here.
Tewksbury County Club hosts tons of events such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and the like, as I am sure we have all been to something, but have you ever been golfing there?  Maybe this is a good time to check it out.  The part of the course that I saw was really pretty.  The landscaping was very nice and the course was hopping already.  I saw all types of golfers from young to old, men and women.  If you are not sure if you have the right stuff, or have never picked up a club unless it was to put a little red ball over a windmill at mini-golf course, then I think it is time to give Mike Rogers a call.  He was really nice and had a genuine love for the sport of golf.  Drop by and say hi, pick up some new golf balls, a polo T-Shirt and schedule a tee time or private lesson with Mike!
Quick 5 - Mike Rogers 
My dream car is - 2 seater Ford Thunderbird
I'd love to have a beer with what celebrity - Donald Trump
Favorite Hobby - Watching my 7 year old daughter Lily and my 11 year old son Sam play sports
Least favorite chore - Washing windows
Most exotic place I've ever played golf - Ballybunion in County Kerry, Ireland
(Hollie Gonzalez lives in Tewksbury with her husband and two children.  She is very passionate about her town.)
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