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Tewksbury Community Services July 5th Activities Results

Jul 08, 2015 11:53AM ● Published by Kieran Gilman

The girls wheel-barrel race required teamwork!

(Editor's Note: The following information was submitted by John Lyons, Director of Community Services in the Tewksbury Public Schools.)

Sac Races: 
Ages 4-6:
1st- Lydia Barnes
2nd- Brennen Davis
3rd- Abigal Bodin

Ages 7-10:
1st-Tyler Barnes
2nd-Olivia Satterfield
3rd-Melanie Kaplan

Ages 11-15:
1st-Arya Mehrabani
2nd-Devyn Veits
3rd-Jake McDonough

3-Legged Race:
Ages 4-6:
1st-Lydia Barnes and BJ Rzepka
2nd-JJ Bates and Brennen Davis
3rd-Kathryn Pejic and Vera Garabedian

Ages 7-10:
1st-Riley Veits and Olivia Satterfield
2nd-Melanie Kaplan and Molly McDonough
3rd-Elena Pejic and Kyle Bates

Ages 11-15:
1st-Devyn Veits and Jessica Satterfield
2nd-Jade Owirka and Kacey Dean
3rd-Justin Rooney and Jake McDonogh

Wheelbarrow Race:
Ages 4-6:
1st-Jane Garabedian and Jillian Wagstaff
2nd-Lydia Barnes and BJ Rzepka
3rd-Brennen Davis and JJ Bates

Ages 7-10:
1st-Melanie Kaplan and Molly McDonough
2nd-Elissa Cochran and Gianna Ciampa
3rd-Olivia Satterfield and Riley Veits

Ages 11-15:
1st-Devyn Veits and Jessica Satterfield
2nd-Sean Murphy and Jake McDonough
3rd-Michael Sullivan and Drya Mehrabani

Decorated Doll Carriage Contest
1st-Olivia Lafreniere
2nd-Samantha Quartarone

Bicycle Decorating Contest
1st-Kaylee Horsman
2nd-Chris Collins

Little Miss Tewksbury:
Arianna Ciampa

Little Mr. Tewksbury:
Matthew Merrill

Boys Basketball Free Throw:
1st-Adam Hines
2nd-Jonathan Dean
3rd-Eric Impink
4th-Pouriya Mehrabani

Girls Basketball Free Throw:
1st-Jodie McDonough
2nd-Devyn Veits
3rd-Riley Veits
4th-Maria Sullivan

Women Bologna Toss:
Winner- Jenn Insogna

Men Bologna Toss: 
Winner-Eric Mellen

Watermelon Eating Contest:
10 and under-Darya Mehrabani
11 and older –Steve DeFrancesco

Pie Eating Contest:
10 and under-Darya Mehrabani
11 and older-  Connor Sweeney

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