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Wamesit Lanes Takes Aim At An October Opening

Jul 22, 2015 03:08PM ● By Bill Gilman

The new Wamesit Lanes family entertainment center continues to take shape along Route 38. Plans are in place for an October opening.

Residents who regularly drive along Route 38 have had the opportunity to witness the daily progress being made on the massive structure that will soon become Wamesit Lanes.
Less than one year after wrecking crews tore down the Motel Caswell, a family entertainment center hailed as a gateway project for Tewksbury is taking shape.
The project's management partnership, which includes Donnie McLaren Sr., Donnie McLaren Jr., Steve Bourgeois and Ed Sheehan, is planning to open the doors to the general public in October.
"We'll probably have a couple of 'soft openings' in early October, maybe open to the public a couple of days and then have a Grand Opening," said Bourgeois. "The harsh winter set us back a bit but we've been able to make that up. The McLaren's background in construction has really helped."
A significant milestone will take place by the end of the week when trucks from Brunswick Bowling roll in to deliver all of the equipment associated with the facility's 36 bowling lanes. Installation will take 6-8 weeks. 
According to Bourgeois, this will be the first time Brunswick has created an automated, electronic scoring system for both 10-pin and candlepin bowling.
In addition to bowling, Wamesit Lanes a golfers' lounge with five "Full Swing" golf simulation machines and full food and beverage service. There will also be a full-service pub-style restaurant and a completely separate snack bar area, as well as a 60-game arcade.
The exterior will include bocce courts, fire pits and a a massive patio dining area.
"Brunswick builds about 6-10 of these family entertainment centers each year," said Bourgeois. "They were really excited when they took a look at our plans. They said, 'if you can do this there won't be another set up like this in a 400-mile radius.'"
The decor for the facility, both inside and out, will have a Native American theme. Guest entering the main foyer will be greeted by a huge metal sculpture of the famous Pow-Wow Oak.
In addition to dozens of construction jobs created by the project, Bourgeois anticipates Wamesit Lanes will be looking to hire 30-40 full-time staff and 50-60 part-time staff. A job fair is being planned for some time in September. Bourgeois said the exact date and location of the job fair will be announced 
on the Wamesit Lanes Facebook page.
Tewksbury civic leaders have been excited about the Wamesit Lanes project since it was first announced in May, 2014. It's hoped that the opening of the family entertainment center, which is expected to attract visitors from throughout Central New England, will spur development elsewhere along the Route 38 corridor.

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