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Tewksbury Sports Club Celebrates Biggest Winners

Jul 23, 2015 05:01AM ● By Christine Berry MacKenzie

Winner Emily Morrisson gets a hug from trainer Kait Taylor

These days a lot of people spend time pinned to the television to find out who the next “Biggest Loser” will be.  At the Tewksbury Sports Club, however, they know that losing isn’t everything and, what they really want to see are their members becoming winners!

This year, on July 15th, the staff and members celebrated the annual Tewksbury Sports Club’s Biggest Winner Contest.  The contest featured an eight week program with fifty six participants competing to not only lose weight and inches but, more important, to gain a healthy new perspective on fitness as well as life.

While the “winners” boasted a total of eight hundred pounds of fat lost that was nothing compared to all that they gained.

As Pat Catino, the club’s owner as well as a longtime member of the fitness community explained, “It’s incredibly satisfying as a gym owner to see something like this.  Some of these people have waited their whole lives to achieve their goals. They have tried and failed over and over again and now they are finally winning.”

General Manager / Fitness Director Arthur LaRocque could not agree more.  “This isn’t about a diet or a fad.” LaRocque mentioned. “This about gaining self-esteem and improving quality of life, that’s the real stuff here.  I truly feel sad for the people who wanted to participate but chose not to.”

Much like the contest itself, the winners’ ceremony was anything but average.  On July 15th the lobby of the TSC looked a lot more like a family gathering than a healthclub.  Filled with contestants, trainers, gym employees, fitness  instructors and members the room was overflowing with tears, hugs, cheers and a whole lot of moral support while each of winners were announced.   

The top the winners were; 1st place, Doug Patten, trained by Kait Taylor, who lost 42 pounds and 20 inches, 2nd place, Jason Foley, trained by Robin Reeves,  who shed 25 pounds and 18 inches and 3rd place, Linda Scott, also trained by Reeves, who said goodbye to 18 pounds and 16 inches.  Honorary mentions went to Ellen Lohman, Pete Miller and Emily Morrison.  The best couple award went to Chris and Christine Choate.

Along with their new stronger, leaner bodies, contests also took home prizes including a York Beach Getaway, Wide Screen Television, a free one-year membership, plaques, medals and t shirts.

More important than the prizes, however, was the camaraderie and support that the contests felt as their names were announced.  Tewksbury Sports Club has always been proud of its reputation for being a close knit community and, never, was that more evident that at the Biggest Winners ceremony.

“This is a community gym, not a corporate club.  It’s rewarding for me to see the people who use this gym and benefit from it” mentioned Catino. “I’ve been involved in gyms since 1982 and I’ve never seen a group of trainers, instructors and employees like these.”

Of course, the real key is the hard work that goes on all year at TSC, not just during the competition.  “The contest just begins to highlight the work that the best pros in the area do every day” said LaRocque. “It’s about education combined with dedication and loving what they do.  Their work shows in the results of their clients.”

Currently Tewksbury Sports Club provides seven professional trainers but, as the club and the client base grows, so does the staff.  Both Catino and LaRocque hope to continue to add group classes to the schedule and find different ways to make personal training more and more affordable for their clients. With plans to add new, less expensive training programs for both adults and kids they hope to continue to add to their growing list of winners on a regular basis.

“There is not a single thing that a person can do for themselves that will reap more benefits than a sound physical program along with nutritional counseling,” LaRocque pointed out. “And we want to be able to share that with as many people as possible.”

The Tewksbury Sports Club 2015 Biggest Winners are living proof that the program works and that, with a little help, reaching your goals isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think. 

LaRocque summed his thoughts up quite simply, “People often think of fitness goals as ‘wishful thinking’ but we are here to provide the tools to make those goals happen. We are cheerleaders here to provide motivation, accountability, support and knowledge all combined with a fun, positive experience.”

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