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Question Of The Week: Should Tewksbury Change Its Tobacco Regulations

Jul 27, 2015 10:23AM ● By Bill Gilman
Today we bring back out "Question of the Week."
Each Monday, we will be asking our readers a question having to do with a local or state issue. We'd like your comments, opinion and feedback and we'll reward you for it!
Each week, we will select one commenter to win a prize.

This Week's Question:
Last week, the Wilmington Board of Health modified its local tobacco regulations. The biggest change was that the legal age to purchase tobacco products was raised from 18 to 21. Several communities have made similar changes.
It should be noted that Tewksbury businesses, especially the three local tobacco shops, can expect to reap a financial benefit from the actions of the Wilmington BOH.

So we put the question to you, our readers -- Should the legal age for purchasing tobacco products in Tewksbury stay at 18 or should the Tewksbury Board of Health raise the age to 21?
You can post your answer in the comment box below or in the comment section on Facebook.

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