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YTT Readers Support Raising The Age For Purchasing Tobacco Products To 21

Jul 31, 2015 10:36AM ● By Bill Gilman

Readers Speak Out!

Our Question of the Week for this week asked readers if the Tewksbury Board of Health should raise the minimum age for purchasing tobacco from 18 to 21.
Wilmington's Board of Health recently upped the age in their town, as have several others.
Were Tewksbury to keep its age at 18, that would likely mean increased business for any local stores that sell tobacco products, especially the three tobacco shops along Route 38.
Our readers were clear that they valued health ahead of wealth. 80 percent of those responding indicated they support the idea of increasing the age for purchasing tobacco to 21.
Here are some of the responses we received:

George Ferdinand -- I'm in support of the Tewksbury Board of Health's review of this issue and their conclusions. Personally tho I shake my head when I see a young person smoking, they will find a way to get them if the age is raised. All decisions come with consequences regardless of the reason(s) one would start smoking. 

Scott Dolliver -- I'm all for limiting tobacco in any way possible. It's useless, pointless, and kills 1200 Americans every day for no good reason. 

 Karyn Sliva -I agree we should raise the age in our community. When I saw a young teenager walking along Main St. with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth the other day, I just shook my head and thought 'why' would you start this lung damaging and difficult habit to break when you have your whole life ahead of you? Perhaps raising the age would make it that little bit more difficult to purchase.

Bonnie Spiegel -- I definitely think that Tewksbury should change its law selling tobacco. You should be 21 or over to purchase tobacco.

Denise Kratman  -- I can't believe people can still afford them!

This week's prize winner -- Congratulations to Scott Dolliver, whose name was selected at random from among those who responded to our question. Scott wins a $10 gift certificate from Main Street Pizza!
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