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Question Of The Week: Multiple Choice Question On Standardized Testing

Aug 03, 2015 10:48AM ● By Bill Gilman
Standardized testing has has been a fixture in American public schools for decades. From the Iowa Tests to the SAT's, there have been continuing efforts to gauge the knowledge of students and the effectiveness of schools in an "apples to apples" format.
In 1998, Massachusetts adopted the MCAS exams as both a standard requirement for high school graduation and as a means of identifying underperforming districts.
Seventeen years later, local school districts are being asked to take on the Common Core curriculum and the PARCC Testing. Much like MCAS, Common Core/PARCC has raised hackles of some educators, home schoolers and parents, who have issues with every thing from the process used in adopting the curriculum and exams to the perceived political slant of certain questions to idea of having to "team to a test.

What do YOU think?
What should the future of standardized testing be in Tewksbury and across Massachusetts?

A -- Common Core/PARCC
C -- None of the above

Post your answer in the comment section below or in the Facebook comments and you could win a prize! A name will be selected at random from among all the commenters to receive a gift card to a local business.

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