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LETTER: Family Of Car Accident Victim Thanks 'Angel' Who Comforted Grandfather Until Help Arrived

Aug 09, 2015 03:36AM ● By Bill Gilman
To The Editor:
There is a woman who lives in Tewksbury. A week ago last Monday she was rear ended in a serious car accident on Main St through no fault of her own. My father in law, Blackie, was also in the accident.
His car is the one that hit hers. Her reaction has had me thinking of her every day since the accident. She got out of her car knowing the damage done to it and ran over to Blackie and stayed and comforted him until the paramedics came and he was med-flighted to the hospital in Boston. This woman deserves more thanks and praise than I or my children can ever give to her.
My daughter, Kayleigh Ann and I drove to her home tonight and left flowers and a card that myself and my children signed expressing how thankful we are on her doorstep (no one was home).
We did not get the opportunity to meet her, but I hope she knows that we are eternally grateful for her complete act of selfless caring she has shown to a complete stranger at a time when most people would be angry.
It has helped us to know that someone was there for him. We lost Blackie early this week from his injuries, but I hope she knows that she has a guardian angel now watching over her and her family. If any of you know Amber Anneese, please tell her what an amazing woman she is.
Please hug her for me. For those who don't, please say a prayer that her kindness will not go unnoticed by anyone. There are not a lot of people that I would call a Hero. Amber will always be one to our family.

Jen Nagle
Forest Winslow, III

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