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Not Much Interest In Tewksbury Regarding Standardized Testing

Aug 10, 2015 11:21AM ● By Bill Gilman
While Common Core and Standardized Testing sees to be a hot-button issue elsewhere in Massachusetts, Tewksbury residents appear to be apathetic, at least in the summer.
Last week we asked readers if they felt the best choice for standardized testing in the public schools was
A.The current MCAS Exams
B. The newly proposed PARCC Exams under Common Core
C. None of the Above.

Just one reader responded to the question and, as such, will win a $10 gift certificate to Main Street Pizza. Congrats to George Ferdinand. Here's what he had to say.

George Ferdinand --  Massachusetts ranks 3rd in the Nation with regards to Education. There is positive and negative in A and B. I would choose C because I'm for testing, with State and LOCAL control with minimal involvement from the FEDERAL Government.

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