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LETTER: Help Us Help the VA!

Aug 13, 2015 10:25AM ● By Kieran Gilman
Hi there and happy Tuesday! I was hoping you could help me out with a project I am trying to get off the ground..

My husband (who serves in the army) and I recently donated items to the Bedford VA. While we were there, they expressed to us that their greatest need right now is body wash- they rarely have enough and go through large amounts every week.

I have addressed this on my Facebook in hopes to get friends and family to make body wash donations. Right now we have about 20 and are looking to reach 100. I have since been trying to find a business to stand out in front of to get more donations from people in town. This is proving to be difficult. Most locations I have talked to require paperwork to go through corporate offices that may take a month or more to get approval.

I am hoping by reaching out to you we can help spread the word a little further. You reach a great number of people in town, or maybe you know of a place I could put a donation box? Our veterans have done so much for us and I would love for our community to give back to them in such a small but meaningful way!

Thank you for your time!
Amy Moraitis
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