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Question Of The Week: Should Everyone Be Allowed To Purchase Fireworks In Massachusetts

Aug 17, 2015 05:39PM ● By Bill Gilman
At present, Massachusetts is one of just three states that ban the sale of fireworks for non-commercial purposes. New Jersey and Delaware are the others.
But that could all change with a 2016 State Ballot Initiative that would legalize the sale of fireworks to any adult.
State Fire Marshal Stephen Coan has come out strongly against the initiative and said he will campaign to stop it. He cited several injuries caused by private fireworks over the recent July 4 holiday.
But we want to hear from you.

Should Massachusetts legalize the sale of fireworks to all adults?

Answer in the comment section below or in the Facebook comment section. As always, we will choose one name at random ,from among those who have commented, to receive a $10 pizza gift card!

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