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Readers Reply: YTT Readers Say World Religions Should Be Taught In Schools

Sep 02, 2015 09:42AM ● By Bill Gilman

Last Week we asked the question, "Should World Religions Be Taught In The Public Schools." The question elicited some interesting responses.
Here is a sampling of the answers we received:

George Ferdinand
as an elective in high school otherwise no, based on public dollars being used and the separation of church and state.

Scott Dolliver -- Yes, it should be taught, although how a standard curriculum that accurately portrays each religion would be needed to keep personal bias out of the lessons. 

Charlotte Drew As an elective in high school.

Ann Boyle No. Teach humanity, give credit for community services and volunteering. There would need to be to many teachers to teach every religion, and every religion would need to be taught including atheism. There are just to many . I think having a class that ask young students what they could do to help someone in need or how to help their community would be a better way to go. But at the same time, don't punish students for saying a prayer or for their beliefs.

Denise Doherty Kratman Yes I think these days need to learn more about people and how different people think so they can grow up to be knowledgeable adults.

Ray Scott Yes

Congratulations to Charlotte Drew, whose name was selected at random from among the people who answered the questions to receive a $10 gift card from Main Street Pizza.

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